Kim Morrison

Kimberley has cycled into multiple bike course record books and in 2017 took a 10mile, 25mile and 100mile TT record. Now riding for Drag2Zero in 2018 Kimberley has ambitions to bike bolder and focus on TTs alongside her third year racing professionally in middle and long distance triathlon. As a 2 x Ironman70.3 Champion in Buenos Aires in 2016 and Texas in 2017 she looks to add more titles to her name at Ironman racing.

The younger years for Kimberley were spent in Great Ormond’s Street Children’s Hospital undergoing complex heart surgery, continuing to support the charity today Kimberley cherishes every opportunity to inspire others.. gaining her swim teaching qualification and is a BTF Level 2 Triathlon Coach.

“TORQ is a ‘fuel source’ I have used since taking up triathlon in 2012.. the simplicity and confidence of counting ‘TORQ Units’ and the variety of nutrition is exactly what I need and best of all it sits well for me even at Ironman distance racing. A delightful evening treat I love so much is the Hot Cocoa.. use this alongside TORQ products in higher training loads and for me leading up to races too, enjoy!”