Performance Coaching

Sitting alongside our range of Performance Nutrition Products, TORQ’s long-established Fitness Consultancy specialises in educating and advising athletes on how to train and fuel properly to get the most out of their training and achieve their best physical performances.


Our main expertise in coaching lies within Cycle Sport, with our Fitness Consultancy services catering for everyone, from those taking on their first event, right up to athletes competing at an international level. We’ve worked with individuals from a broad range of cycling disciplines, encompassing Road Racing, Time Trialling, Mountain Bike Racing (all disciplines including Marathon, XC, Downhill and Gravity), Cyclocross, Track Racing and 24-Hour Solo Racing. We have also helped individuals and groups with less racing-orientated objectives who simply want to perform at their best at charity events like LEJOG, CTC and Sportive events in general.

Mountain Biking is a sport for which we, as a company, have an immense passion and feel this is our area of unrivalled expertise. This is reflected in the Elite standard that our coaches have raced at, our nationally renowned Performance Mountain Bike Team, and the support we provide as a company to the UK Mountain Bike racing scene. We love the sport and are extremely absorbed in it, but we believe this makes us better coaches in all disciplines of cyclesport. Some of the best road cyclists in the world have developed from an XC Mountain Biking background.


TORQ was originally conceived and launched as a Performance Consultancy/Coaching business towards the end of 1999 by our Managing Director, Matt Hart, a former Pro/Elite Mountain Biker, offering an unrivalled level of service with its unique and fresh approach. Despite TORQ now being better known for its range of Performance Nutrition Products, to this day, the Consultancy still remains at the core of what we do. It was off the back of our Consultancy that we originally developed our range of Performance Nutrition products, because we saw a synergy here between the advice we were giving and the food athletes needed to eat. We are working constantly with athletes and physically active people; we understand how to train them and have an unprecedented understanding of how they should be fuelling themselves for optimal performance. TORQ is renowned in the Sports Nutrition market for the meticulous attention to detail that we’ve applied to our products, and the same goes for our Fitness Consultancy.

Clear, effective communication is a key philosophy for us at TORQ, and that means regular talking. It is our belief that a successful consultant builds success in his or her clients through exemplary communication. It’s for this reason that our Comprehensive Performance Package, which is covered in detail in the How it Works tab on this page, incorporates a very strong educative component. You are encouraged to learn about how and why one achieves excellence in the sport of cycling, making you independent and hence less reliant on TORQ in the future. Whilst solid, proven scientific principles form the structure of any performance and excellence programme, it is important to also recognise the spiritual elements of cycle sport. You will be treated as an individual and will learn about self-awareness, to help you understand your own body.

How It Works

Before embarking on any training programme with TORQ, we strongly advise that you complete our Comprehensive Performance Package, at our dedicated training facility at TORQ Headquarters on the Shropshire/Powys Border. This involves attending a full day with us (09:00–17:30), where you will have the undivided attention of one of our experienced coaches. There is no obligation at all for you to sign up to one of our Support and Programming options if you decide to attend TORQ for the Comprehensive Performance Package. The experience alone will be hugely valuable and could be sufficient in itself to help you to move forward and rationalise your own training without any further assistance from us.

Rest assured, by spending a full day with us, you won’t simply leave with a print out of test data. Alongside an extensive fitness test, the day incorporates a strong educational component, where you will be encouraged to learn how and why you can improve your performance. We place a significant amount of value on face to face interaction with our clients so that we can gain a detailed understanding of your individual needs as a person and an athlete, which involves listening, understanding and making any recommendations crystal clear.

Below we’ve outlined what a typical day at our consultancy might involve if you opt for the Comprehensive Performance Package or you could just watch this video to get a feel for the day:

Information Gathering

We kick the day off by sitting down and gaining an understanding of your individual needs through completing a review of your training/racing history, self-evaluated strengths and weaknesses, future goals and the time you have available to dedicate to training.

 Fitness Testing & Data Analysis

Using your bike, a lactate testing device and a power meter, we complete an extensive Performance Fitness Test. From this test, we can glean an indication of your current level of fitness, which firstly sets a benchmark for us to refer back to in the future (to confirm you’ve improved), but also it allows us to set detailed training zones so that we can optimise your training moving forward. This part of the day also incorporates a detailed analysis of your test data through our unique cloud-based training analysis platform.

After a shower and home cooked lunch, we then spend the afternoon covering a number of fundamental training topics including:

Training Theory

Fundamental to improving your fitness is having a detailed understanding of training theory. In this topic, we cover in detail how the training process works and how to manipulate elements of the training/recovery process to maximise your fitness gains and ensure that you are in the best possible condition when it counts.

Energy Systems

In order to develop an understanding of how to improve your fitness, it is also vital to understand how the body produces the power to turn the cranks. In this topic, we look at the various energy systems the body uses, relate them to the training zones we have established from the morning’s test, and explain comprehensively how to develop each of these systems through targeted training.

Performance Nutrition

With this topic, we focus on the key elements of performance nutrition by considering the Macronutrients in our food (Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat and Water). We spend time educating you on how to eat properly from a general perspective as well as how to fuel your training and recovery to maximise your improvements. We also consider how you should approach your race/event day nutrition to ensure optimal performances.

Periodisation and Peaking

Here we look at how to structure your training in cycles so that you arrive at the races/events that you are aiming for in your best possible physical and psychological condition.

If geography prevents you from visiting TORQ HQ for the Comprehensive Performance Package, then there is the option to complete the key elements of the day over the Phone/Skype/FaceTime. Please contact us on or phone us on 0344 332 0852 if you would like to discuss this option.

As previously mentioned, the information communicated through the Comprehensive Performance Package may be sufficient for you to ‘go it alone’ and make adjustments to your existing training programme without the need for any further structured support. The educational element of the day helps you to better understand the type of training to complete and how to structure your training; however, you won’t go away with a detailed training plan. For those looking to embark on a structured training plan, we offer a number of ongoing support and programming packages to suit your needs.

The price for the Comprehensive Performance Package day is as follows:

1 athlete £300, 2 athletes £360, 3 athletes £420 (Maximum of 3 athletes in one day).

The price for a half-day re-test & evaluation is as follows:

After you have completed our Comprehensive Performance Package, we then offer re-testing for those looking to monitor progress and re-establish updated training zones. This option takes half a day to complete with one person, but we can test up to 6 people per day (depending on the time of year/available daylight). During the re-test, we follow precisely the same testing protocol as we do during the Comprehensive Performance Package day, but we don’t cover the educational topics again. A fitness test and evaluation for one person takes half a day (3-4 hours) and costs £160, including all fitness testing consumables. If you would like to arrange group fitness testing, the rate is £160 + £60 per extra person.

As explained above, we can test up to 6 people in one day, if we arrange an early start.

For further information/prices for ongoing support and programming options, view the Support & Programming tab.

Support & Programming

Off the back our Comprehensive Performance Package, we offer a range of ongoing coaching options, which provide you with a bespoke training plan built around your current level of fitness, the time that you have available to train, and your major goals for the season.

For each of the packages that we offer, daily training is set and analysed using an innovative coaching platform called ‘Today’s Plan’. Today’s Plan is an industry leading, cloud based, training and analytics system, with unrivalled ease of use, alowing seamless integration with your training tools (Heart Rate and Power measuring systems). Today’s Plan has been developed by Mark Fenner, one of Australia’s leading cycle coaches, a Sports Scientist and Performance Director for our sister company; TORQ Australia.

The platform makes following and monitoring your training program incredibly easy for you as an athlete and provides us, as coaches, extensive analysis of your data, enabling us to monitor your progress and maximise the training time that you have available. All training programs here at TORQ utilise Today’s Plan and a subscription to this platform is included within the fees for each program. We offer three levels of training support, which are detailed below.

In order to maximise the efficiency of your training and allow us to track your progress, we highly recommend that our clients train with a Power Meter, but if a Power Meter isn’t available to you, then we are happy to work with heart rate/perceived exertion. If you’re new to the concept of power, then the theory covered during our Comprehensive Performance Package day will help you to better understand how to use your Power Meter and maximise your application of the data feedback it provides. The choice is then up to you as to which tools you choose to train with and whether you consider a Power Meter a worthwhile investment.

Basic Plan

6 weeks @ £14.95 to 16 weeks @ £39.95: For those on a budget, this option gives you a bespoke training plan built around your commitments and goals via the Today’s Plan ‘Plan Generator’. This is not a plan built by a coach, so doesn’t utilise a coach’s expertise or experience and does not include any follow up, but uses Today’s Plan’s algorithms, which are based on solid scientific principles, to create a plan for you based on your time available and goals for the season. This option also gives you access to all of Today’s Plan’s analytics tools/services and is our lowest cost option. Fees: Pricing is based on the duration of the plan: from a 6 week plan @ £14.95, to a 16 week plan @ £39.95. These are available directly by heading to Today’s Plan, creating an account and following the instructions, so you could do this now. We do strongly advise that you book in for a day with us for the Comprehensive Performance Package first, but if you want to try the Plan Generator first to see how you get on, it’s entirely your choice.

Ongoing TORQ Support

Calendar monthly payment of £95: This option provides the development, monitoring and evaluation of your Performance Programme on an ongoing basis via telephone and the Today’s Plan platform. Once we set you up a Today’s Plan account, added your key event/races and your time available to train, we then build you a completely bespoke training programme, geared specifically to your current level of fitness, time available to train and the events that you are looking to target. TORQ then guarantee you a personal e-mail report at the end of each month, with an analysis of the previous month’s training, based on the data you have uploaded to the system. We then follow this report up with an individual phone call (typically duration of 30-60minutes), where we discuss the report in person and build your next month of training based on what we have learned from the previous month. Within month adjustments to the program are also available via the Today’s Plan system. Fees: This option is paid on a monthly Standing Order and costs £95pcm. There are no hidden costs. If you are paying for TORQ-Support, you are entitled to regular discussion/interaction and any contact you make with us is included in the charge. You are also not entering into a contract, so if for any reason you wish to cancel your training, you may do so whenever you like, and all we would require is 30 days notice.

6 Month Structured Training Plan

One-off payment of £200: This option provides the bespoke plan, but without the ongoing analysis, review and contact with our consultants. Once we’ve set you up a Today’s Plan account, added your key events/races and your time available to train, we then build you a completely bespoke 6 month training programme geared specifically to your current level of fitness, time available to train and the key events/races that you are looking to complete. Fees: £200 – This is the least expensive plan, which is built by one of our experienced coaches. Please note that there is no ongoing contact or evaluation included with this option. The cost of this comprehensive planner is £200 and is payable upfront as a one-off fee (this equates to £30pcm).

Plan Generator

We’ve hopefully made it abundantly clear in the preceding sections of these consultancy pages, that in order to achieve your best possible performances, you will need to understand how and why one excels in a sport like cycling. Education is key, because you could follow the best training program in the world, but if you don’t understand how to apply yourself properly to the sessions set and be aware of what you should and shouldn’t eat to support your performance, you’re not going to get anywhere close to the full benefits that the plan offers.

That said, having a structured plan to follow that is set around your own personal time constraints and which also takes into account the events you’re planning on completing is an extremely useful motivational tool in itself. This is why we have teamed up with Today’s Plan to offer their training system which allows you to build a bespoke training plan based on your type of riding, goals, targeted events, availability, strengths, weaknesses and training preferences. Their sophisticated algorithms select training sessions from their library of over 500 structured workouts and build these into a completely bespoke training program that is based on contemporary, proven sports science. The system caters for all levels of riders and goals. Along with setting you a plan, the system also gives you access to an analytics suite so that you can track and improvements and performance.

If you are on a tight budget and feel that this approach will help you to focus on and target a specific event, click on this link to sign up to one of our Plan Generators. You can generate a plan now, independently of visiting us at TORQ HQ – it’s a takeaway service:

  • 6 Week Personalised Plan: £14.00
  • 8 Week Personalised Plan: £19.95
  • 10 Week Personalised Plan: £24.95
  • 12 Week Personalised Plan: £29.95
  • 16 Week Personalised Plan: £39.95


TORQ Fitness Consultancy is based just across the Shropshire/Powys boarder on the outskirts of the village of Bryn Mawr, Montgomeryshire.

Please Note: If you book an appointment with us, we will communicate through your Welcome Pack full details of your consultation and where to meet us:

TORQ LTD (Bryn Mawr)
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