Winter Shandy Special Offer

Price indicated includes 2 boxes of gels (Box 1 @ 5% discount & Box 2 @ 20% discount) as well as your FREE box of Vanilla Recovery Bars (SRP £37.50).


Your first box of Winter Shandy gels has been pre-selected, so all you have to do is choose a 2nd box from the dropdown below and receive a box of TORQ Vanilla Recovery Bars (SRP £37.50) absolutely FREE!

Click here if you just want to buy a box of Winter Shandy gels for £26.25 without taking advantage of this special offer.

**Limited to 1 order per customer // Whilst stocks last.

15 Gels: You can purchase any flavour of gels from this page, or you can BUILD-A-BOX combining different gel flavours by clicking HERE.

Box discounts are applied to any combination of flavours purchased automatically in your shopping cart.

Free shipping on all UK Mainland ordersFree shipping on all UK Mainland orders

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