Marc Brown

I’m 24 and live in Whitehaven on the West coast of Cumbria. I ran competitively in secondary school and managed to earn county vests on the track and over cross country. After a 5 year hiatus I started running competitively again in 2013 and after running 38.46 for my first 10k I’m now down to 30.49. The aim over the next 18 months is to break 30 mins for 10k, 14.30 for 5k, 66 mins for the half marathon and also, if possible, to gain an international vest on the roads.

My current PB’s are: 
3k – 8.39.74
5k – 14.49
10k – 30.49
10 miles – 51.23
HM – 68.51

Notable recent performances:
Aug 2016 – Ulverston 10k – 1st (31.45)
Sep 2016 – Great North Run HM – 27th (68.51)
Oct 2016 – Great Cumbrian Run HM – 1st (68.51)
Dec 2016 – Helvellyn 10k – 1st (31.13)
Apr 2017 – Salford 10k – 1st (30.49)
May 2017 – Great Manchester Run 10k – 19th (31.08)


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