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If you’ve landed on this page, it’s because although the indoor training session you’re doing doesn’t require extra fuel, you will benefit from addressing your hydration and recovery needs.

The indoor training sessions you’re doing can take advantage of the carbohydrate you have stored in your liver and muscles, so there is no need to take on board additional fuel. You either exercise infrequently for over an hour, or quite frequently for less than an hour.

As you don’t need to worry about fuelling your performance, you are able to focus 100% on hydration and our TORQ Hydration Drink has been formulated with this single goal in mind. TORQ Hydration Drink is hypotonic (less concentrated than your blood) so passively diffuses into your body, but also benefits from a process called ‘Facilitated Transport’ whereby glucose and sodium molecules combine to pump fluid rapidly into the blood. It’s the combined passive and facilitated transport mechanisms that make TORQ Hydration Drink so incredibly effective.

Watch the short video below to understand how this process works. Please note that we reference TORQ Hypotonic – this is exactly the same product as TORQ Hydration Drink, we have just changed the name recently.

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TORQ Hydration will hydrate you significantly faster than an electrolyte tablet or plain water and you won’t feel bloated, so will be able to keep drinking and taking on board vital fluid and electrolytes with no obstruction.

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Due to the nature of the exercise sessions you’re doing, your carbohydrate stores (glycogen) can be hit quite hard. More intense, frequent and prolonged exercise will all make a dent into your carbohydrate stores and these stores need replenishing. Also, the nature of the level of exercise you’re doing will break down muscle fibres and cause fatigue, so you should consume TORQ Recovery Drink immediately after exercise to replenish these stores and facilitate the repair process.

The video below explains the need to address your recovery and explains how TORQ’s products and focus on your general nutrition facilitates this process. The product of most importance for the kind of indoor exercise you’re doing is TORQ Recovery Drink. You can embrace the wider system as your fitness and training load progresses.

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For further information or to purchase TORQ Recovery Drink, click HERE.