Stage Race & Multi-Day Event Nutrition

At long last, we have put together a definitive nutritional guide for stage-racing and multi-day events. We give you a blow-by-blow account from build-up to break-down. In other words, from start to finish – if we do our job properly, we’re going to make sure you never break down!

Having recently returned from Lanzarote with the TORQ Mountain Bike Race Team who participated in a UCI-sanctioned 4-day off-road stage race, this topic couldn’t be fresher in our minds. Within the resources below, we’re going to look at the idiosyncrasies of stage racing and the simple practical steps you could take from a nutritional perspective if you’re looking to do something similar yourself.

Whether it’s a stage race, multi-day event or training camp, we’re going to cover everything. We will be looking at the steps you should take before you travel, whilst travelling, the day before the event starts and what to do once you’re in the thick of it. Of course we’ll also talk you through dealing with the aftermath – what to do when it’s all over – although we can assure you all the hard work will have been done by then.

You may have entered a formal stage race, or you could be riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats as a challenge with your friends, the principles are the same, so take the time to read these resources.

Before You Go




Carbo Loading


Event Day 1


Event Day 2


Day 3 Onwards