Immune System Support

Our Immune System Support products have been developed off the back of extensive research by TORQ into the roles that both exercise and nutrition play with regard to immune health. These products form an integral part of an overall immune support strategy.

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  • Supports Normal Immune Function
  • High Strength Formulation
  • 1000iu Vitamin D3 (500% NRV)
  • 15mg Zinc (156% NRV)
  • One-a-Day Tablet
  • 180 or 360 Tablet Options

TORQ dFND is a one-a-day tablet containing a potent concentration of Vitamin D3 and Zinc to support the normal functioning of the immune  system. Vitamin D3 also helps to maintain normal bone and muscle function and Zinc, the maintenance of normal skin, hair & nails.

Each TORQ dFND tablet contains 1000iu Vitamin D3 and 15.6mg Zinc at a potent 500% and 156% of daily reference values respectively. Both of these nutrients have been found to be deficient in the human body with Vitamin D being at lower levels in the winter months in particular and Zinc deficiency especially common in those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

There is good reason to take this supplement all year round especially if you spend extensive periods of time indoors or restrict the amount of sunshine to your skin during the summer months.

We strongly encourage you to read our Immune System Support Resources so that you understand how this product fits into a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Our other Immune System Support product TORQ aTAC is to be taken at the first sign of infection, should your immune defences be breached.

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  • Attacks Colds & Flu
  • Supports Training Peaks & Travel
  • High Strength Formulation
  • Comprehensive 28 Dose Pack
  • Natural Orange or Lime Flavours

Per Dose:

  • 1000mg Vitamin C
  • 1000mg Glutamine
  • 500mg Echinacea
  • 10g Carbohydrate
  • 100-200ml Hydration

TORQ aTAC is a powdered drink mix available in 2 flavours (Orange and Lime) which is to be added to 100-200ml of water and consumed at the first signs of a fever, cold or flu infection. This product can also be used in smaller doses during periods of high load training or whilst travelling at times when the body could be particularly vulnerable to infection.

Formulated with a potent blend of Vitamin C, Glutamine and Echinacea, these micronutrients have collectively been proven to reduce the severity & duration of symptoms of the common cold & flu. The formulation is to be taken at the first signs of infection and followed up with further doses. As well as delivering these potent micronutrients, each dose of TORQ aTAC contains 10g of carbohydrate and fluid to provide energy and hydration at a time when normal appetite and thirst reflex may be suppressed.

A daily dose of TORQ aTAC can also be taken as a pre-emptive strategy to protect against infection during periods of particularly high training load or during International travel when risk of exposure to bacteria/viruses is increased. See Product Usage tab on product page for clarification on suggested protocols.

If you are in any doubt as to when to take this product and how best to look after your immunity, please take the time to read our Immune System Support Resources. TORQ aTAC is to be taken at the first sign of infection or under specific circumstances as a short term preventative measure. TORQ dFND, our other Immune System Support product contains high potency Vitamin D3 and Zinc in ‘one-a-day’ tablet form to support ongoing immune health.

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