Sponsorship Enquiries

Here at TORQ we take a very different approach to sponsorship compared to most. The athletes we support are genuine ambassadors for our brand. They use TORQ products because they share in our uncompromising approach to performance nutrition. They don’t use TORQ products because of any contractual obligations or financial incentives. Many will openly admit that they would pay full retail price for TORQ if we didn’t support them, because they just couldn’t use anything else and invariably most athletes who approach us for support will already have been using TORQ products for some time.

At TORQ, honesty and integrity are values that are extremely important to us. Our decisions aren’t made by a board of shareholders and we are not driven by the bottom line. We trade entirely on the quality of our products and the service we provide, not off the size of our marketing budget and who we place our products with. It is for these reasons that you will not find a single TORQ-fuelled athlete who is paid to use our products and nor will you find any of our ad campaigns boasting the use of our products by ‘big name’ athletes. However, you will often find many of these big names using TORQ out of choice.

Full time professional athletes rely on sponsorship money to fund their careers and the financial incentives they are offered to use products will come into consideration long before the values of the brand or even quality of the products themselves are considered. Although there is an argument that TORQ should be supporting professional sport in this way, we feel that the flip side to this is that this kind of sponsorship is often misleading to consumers, as in reality, the products placed have little or no relation to what a top athlete would genuinely choose to use or indeed does use. Many of the companies that market their products via association with famous athletes are large, bottom line driven and are trying to reach the mass market. They provide a valuable service in supporting top athletes, which is admirable, but the products represented necessarily aren’t specialist and niche.

So, how do we approach sponsorship at TORQ? For starters, we have our own Mountain Biking, Track Cycling, Triathlon, and Trail Running teams. These teams are filled with high performing ambassadors for the TORQ brand across a wide variety of endurance backgrounds who certainly grab the headlines. We also support a number of very talented individuals who have approached us along the way. If you’re an athlete seaking sponsorship, you may feel you’ve got what it takes to join one of the TORQ teams? If not, perhaps you’re looking for individual sponsorship, or you may be seeking sponsorship for your team or support for a charity event. In all cases, naturally we’d expect you to love TORQ products and be feeling the benefit from them. We would also expect you to be hard working, professional in every way and be achieving excellence in your particular sport (unless of course it is a charity request).

If your request is to support a charity event, we will do everything we can to support you, so please contact us, but please bear in mind that TORQ supports the following major charity, so there is a limit to what we will be able to offer:

Blood Cancer: Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research – www.bloodwise.org.uk/

If you are interested in applying for sponsorship, please click on the link below and complete the online form including as much detail as you can and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Please be aware due to the number of requests that we receive it may take a number of days to get back to you with a response, so please be patient:

Click here to make an enquiry