TORQ Press Luxury Coffee

TORQ Press fine luxury coffee shares all of the uncompromising premium values TORQ’s customers have come to expect.

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TORQ have a rich passion for endurance sports and the great outdoors and it’s fair to say that a significant proportion of the staff’s valuable leisure time is spent on two wheels – the pedalling kind! There’s an enduring historic link between the cycling and coffee cultures and this in part at least, explains the birth of TORQ Press Coffee. That’s not to say you can only enjoy our coffee if you’re a cyclist, anyone who appreciates fine coffee will love TORQ Press, but it would be remiss of us not to share with you what makes us tick!

TORQ is a well-established, highly respected Performance Nutrition brand that meticulously attends to every detail and absolutely refuses to compromise. Utilising the latest peer-reviewed published research and the highest quality natural and organic ingredients TORQ produces the finest Performance Nutrition money can buy. Of course TORQ Press Coffee isn’t a performance nutrition product, but our coffees do share all of the uncompromising premium values TORQ’s customers have come to expect. Our values and standards are shared, yet TORQ Press Coffee as an independent brand is unquestionably focussed on producing an exceptional and special coffee experience – with no distractions.

It is our explicit appreciation for fine coffee and the proficiency of one key staff member who worked for 3 years as a barista in a premium coffee shop that has driven us to develop the TORQ Press brand and we proudly bring you the flavour of this expertise, commitment and unadulterated passion.