TORQ Ambassadors

As we have mentioned clearly within the Philosophy page of this website, our approach to sponsorship is quite different to that of other brands. We don’t believe that spending enormous amounts of money sponsoring high profile athletes and teams to ‘place’ our product for ‘brand exposure’ is particularly honest and takes investment away from where it’s needed – ultimately from the quality of our output.

We look after a number of high profile teams, athletes and ambassadors who genuinely adore our products and of course we support them to achieve their goals, but this is because they simply won’t use anything else either based on the advice that has been given to them by professionals or through their own individual choice. We firmly believe that this is how athlete support should work. Sponsorship means nothing if it’s secured via a heavy cash transaction aimed at buying credibility, because it’s simply misleading potential customers.

We appreciate there’s a fine line to be taken between genuine support/marketing and dishonesty and we don’t pretend to be perfect, but our approach to sponsorship we feel supports our overall philosophy and hope this provides you with the greatest confidence in the TORQ brand. The TORQ brand is fundamentally research-driven. We don’t fund research, we review, absorb and learn from it, then take on board the sentiment and use it to make better, higher functioning products than anyone else. This, we believe, is what both the athletes we support and our customers need and desire. They want no nonsense, straight answers to their questions and products that are proven to work.

We run four in-house TORQ Performance teams with TORQ-Fuelled athletes competing at the highest level countrywide and often featuring in International competition. These teams have dedicated pages on this website and you can learn more by clicking on the links below:

Aside from our own teams, there are a number of athletes and teams that we officially support (too many to mention here), but here are a small selection of them – you can click on a profile image to learn more about the athlete concerned and their reasons for using TORQ products: