Our wholesome Explore range of products are designed to help fuel physically active people to do whatever they want or need to do. Clean functional foods and tremendous flavours.


Our TORQ Explore Flapjacks are soft, syrupy and deliciously tasty as well as being organic and suitable for vegans or those who prefer a plant-based diet. Our Soil Association Organic certification means that the ingredients used in these flapjacks are from the purest sources, free from the pesticides and chemicals used in modern intensive farming. Organic ingredients also provide a richer, more wholesome flavour, something that immediately becomes apparent when tasting our flapjacks.

Available in delicious Organic Apple Strudel, Organic Bakewell Slice, Organic Banana Cake, Organic Ginger Cake and Organic Carrot Cake flavours. Enjoy your Explore Flapjack as a healthy natural snack at any time of day, or why not take this scrumptious homely goodness with you as you pursue your next adventure, wherever that might be?

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Instant Breakfasts

Our TORQ Explore instant super-charged breakfasts have been designed to provide easily accessible, useful and effective nutritional fuel in a convenient, lightweight, low volume package. Simply add hot or cold water to the pack and your breakfast is ready to eat.

It is TORQ’s Performance Nutrition heritage that makes our Explore Breakfasts so unique and sets them apart from other outdoor adventure food products in the marketplace. Each pack contains over 500 calories of high quality functional food to provide the energy needed to get the most out of your adventurous activities.

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Instant Meals

Our instant TORQ Explore Meals are currently under development and are due for launch soon. Enriched with a functional 700 calories per pouch, simply add hot water and leave to rehydrate for 5 minutes. Like our breakfasts, our meals are being designed with minimal weight/bulk in mind whilst maximising functionality to support you on your toughest adventures and explorations. Please pop back or sign up for our newsletter from the footer of this page and we will keep you updated as and when developments occur.