Crosby Aquathon

The open water season is now firmly in full flow with numerous aquathon’s and open water triathlons taking place. Ian decided to take advantage of a local aquathon to test his new open water swimming kit and this is how he got on…

This race was pencilled in as ‘Plan B’ as my preparation had been hampered by illness in the lead up to the National Sprint Championships in Milton Keynes. This was also my first opportunity to wear my new wetsuit and Sable goggles in open water racing. Both bits of kit were superb.

The race consisted of a 750m lake swim followed immediately by a 5km run around the lake and along the sea wall. As I hadn’t swam in open water since Liverpool Triathlon last year I was a little nervous about the lack of specific practice and acclimatisation and hoped that my fitness would carry me through. The glorious weather in the lead up to the event meant that the lake was pleasantly warm and after a 5 minute warm up I felt ready to race.

The horn blew at 10am and the race started quickly with a few of us fighting for space for the straightest line to the first turn buoy, which was 200m away. After the initial melee, things settled down and I was able to find some consistency in my stroke and got back into the habit of sighting (looking where you are going to the non-triathletes out there). I exited the 750m swim in 8th place, but by the time I exited transition I had moved up to 6th as the Vanquish wetsuit is unbelievably easy to get out of, because the cuffs are designed for quick removal.

Ian Roberts Crosby Aquathon 2012

At the outset of the run, it took a couple of minutes to get my breathing right and get the blood into my legs after the swim having moved from the horizontal to vertical position, but I soon started catching and passing people.

I finished the event in 2nd place overall in a time of 28 minutes and 9 seconds. Overall a worthwhile event to become familiar with open water and the new kit. With thanks to Mersy Tri club for allowing the use of the photographs. Please take a look at their website – Triathlon Frames – Aero Wheels – Aerobars, Saddles and Finishing Kit – Power Meters – Wetsuits – Helmets & Glasses – Cycling Footwear – Cables & Housing – Running Footwear – Groupsets – Swim Goggles (Sable Water Optic) – Team PR – Transition Bags – Tyres – Pumps, Tools and Bottle Cages – Custom Trisuits and Cycle Wear