Jan Turns Tester

Jan Birkmyre is in denial but our sources suggest Trackie Jan is turning to the Dark Side…

Jan has always been adamant that the 10 mile time trials she rides are only for training purposes. Apparently the alternative is an FTP test in the garage, so that is understandable, but a four hour round trip to ride the super-fast K11/10 course just outside Tring, suggests she might be giving into a bit of “tester course chasing”! She told us, “It was Mel’s idea and I don’t seem to be able to say no to her, even though I really should have learned by now. Sadly it was not a fast day but it was a good training effort banked and another PB for me, plus the chance to see Mel take a fantastic win”. Apparently Mel bought the cake afterwards, so all was not lost!

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