TORQ Product Ranges

Energy TORQ Energy Our natural fast-delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation combined with mild natural flavours and 5 key electrolytes make TORQ Energy the perfect choice for fuelling and hydration. TORQ Energy

Gel TORQ Gel Our natural fast-delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose formulation, smooth consistency and incredible flavour range makes TORQ gel very easy on the stomach and an extremely potent source of fuel. TORQ Gel

Bar TORQ Bar Utilising carbohydrate sources wide-ranging in glycaemic index and extremely soft 'easy-to-eat' formulation, this Fairtrade/Organic energy bar is perfect for use prior, during and after exercise. TORQ Bar

Chew TORQ Chew Cold-pressed from 4 organic ingredients and optimised with multiple-transportable carbohydrates, the TORQ Chew is packed with flavour and is delightfully moreish. TORQ Chew

Hypotonic TORQ Hypotonic Our 3% 2:1 Glucose:Fructose derivatives formulatiom represets the fastest possible method of hydration for short events/session where perspiration rates are high. TORQ Hypotonic

Recovery TORQ Recovery Using multiple-transportable carbohydrates and whey protein, combined with Ribose, Glutamine, Vitamins and Minerals, TORQ Recovery works at multiple levels TORQ Recovery

Recovery Bar TORQ Recovery Bar Cold-pressed, ultra low in fat and utilising multiple-transportable carbohydrates and whey protein combined with vitamins and minerals. TORQ Recovery Bar

Recovery Plus+ TORQ Recovery Plus+ For use in addition to TORQ Recovery, TORQ Recovery Plus+ has been formulated with micronutrients HMB, Beta-Alanine and Sodium Phosphate for serious rigours of heavy training TORQ Recovery Plus+

Snaq TORQ Snaq Cold-pressed luxury snack bars created as an indulgence for physically active people. TORQ Snaq

Bulq TORQ Bulq Pure premium quality nutrients/foods stripped back to their simplest forms... TORQ Bulq

A1c TORQ A1c 15 grams of fast-acting carbohydrate to raise blood sugar rapidly for people with diabetes. TORQ A1c

Clothing TORQ Clothing Our highly breathable quick-dry performance clothing is used by our team riders in the toughest of conditions. TORQ Clothing

Bottles TORQ Bottles Our drink and mixer bottles are designed to be used in conjunction with our TORQ Energy and TORQ Recovery products with a variety of options available. TORQ Bottles

Carry TORQ Carry We have developed ingenious and stylish ways for you to carry and store you TORQ products including the TORQ Strap and two types of extruded aluminium canister. TORQ Carry

Resistance Bands TORQ Resistance Bands Extra long durable (175cm) latex resistance bands cut workout times by 50% compared to other similar products. TORQ Resistance Bands

Gifts TORQ Gifts Sample packs and gift ideas. TORQ Gifts