We have developed our SNAQ range of products in order to provide a variety of expertly balanced breakfasts and meals to address the specific dietary needs of athletes people who are serious about their sporting performance.

Product Highlights

  • Performance Breakfasts & Meals
  • Instant – Just Add Water
  • Optimal 25g Protein Content
  • Engineered Carbohydrate Profiles
  • Ideal Pre/Post Event Food
  • Perfect for Racing & Sportives

Product Summary

TORQ SNAQ Breakfasts and Meals have been designed specifically for people who are serious about their sporting performance. This is a philosophy deeply entrenched within TORQ’s DNA anyway, but this time we bring ‘real food’ into the performance equation. Not only do we provide cutting-edge performance products for use during and immediately after exercise, we now also address the bigger picture of your overall diet.

Every breakfast and meal, irrespective of the formulation, contains 25g of high quality protein containing an essential and wide-ranging amino acid profile. This is the optimal amount of protein to provide – more than this can’t be processed efficiently and less will not provide the material needed to optimally sustain your biological functions.

Depending on the breakfast or meal you choose, the carbohydrate profile will vary. We have engineered these breakfasts and meals to deliver 2:1, 3:1 and 5:1 Carbohydrate:Protein profiles depending on your specific needs (50g, 75g or 125g respectively). For carbohydrate-loading the evening prior to an event, we recommend the 5:1 ratio and on the morning of the event we recommend the 3:1. During periods of training, the 2:1 breakfasts or meals can be used as an anytime snack to deliver essential protein for muscle maintenance without excessive carbohydrate if training loads don’t require it. You literally have a meal choice for every occasion. The extremely low fat characteristics of these meals and breakfasts also make them an ideal choice for fuel during ultra-endurance events like 24-hour racing when poor nutritional choices can often be made.

The beauty of the TORQ SNAQ system is that you have the choice of sweeter instant breakfasts or savoury meals depending on your preference. Nutritionally a savoury 3:1 Meal will have an identical nutritional profile to a sweet 3:1 Breakfast – they will both do the same job, but will offer a completely different flavour experience.

For further information, select one of the products above and read the information in the associated tabs on that page. If you have any question about these products or any other, please don’t hesitate in contacting us at or phone us on 0344 332 0852.