We have developed our SNAQ range of products in order to provide a variety of expertly balanced meals and snacks to address the specific dietary needs of athletes and physically active people.

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Click on either the SNAQ Breakfast or SNAQ Meal icons above to view our range of nutritional profiles. All breakfasts and meals contain 25g of the highest quality vegetarian protein, but the carbohydrate component is manipulated depending on the level of your physical activity. 2:1 ratio breakfasts and meals are for consumption on less active days, 3:1 prior or post exercise and 5:1 as a carbohydrate load ahead of competition or a challenging endurance session.

Note that both breakfasts and meals are interchangeable. They have identical nutritional profiles and will similarly have identical function , so it’s down to choose to you whether you want to get the calories in through a savoury meal or mildly sweet breakfast.

Comprehensive information is available as you delve deeper into the products, but please don’t hesitate in contacting us either by phone on 0344 332 0852 or email at