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Our delicious Smoked Tomato and Field Mushroom SNAQ protein pasta meals are exceptionally low in fat to facilitate swift nutrient absorption and have been developed with precise doses of carbohydrate and protein, manipulated between product lines to suit your specific needs.

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Real Food

We take our ingredient choices very seriously here at TORQ and there is no doubt that the SNAQ meals we have created are ‘real food’. We have always held the firm philosophy that whilst dietary performance is our priority, we will always forge a natural path, which is why we have Soil Association Organic and Fairtrade Foundation approval on many of our products. Our meals have been developed using natural vegetable powders, herbs, spices and seasoning to complement the technical high protein and regular pastas which provide the majority of the macronutrient calories.

Our SNAQ meals are deliberately low in fat to facilitate the rapid absorption of useful calories and we make a point of suggesting that you should accompany your SNAQ meal with a fresh salad, broccoli, green beans or other fibrous vitamin-rich vegetables. Our meals can be consumed on their own without accompaniment and will be highly functional, but we would always recommend regular consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, because the fibre and micronutrients contained within these fresh foods are essential for a healthy balanced diet.

As the SNAQ range develops, we intend to offer greater variety as well as customised dietary plans through our consultancy to optimise nutritional practices during training and competition, along with programs to facilitate body fat loss whilst at the same time developing muscular integrity and power. These plans won’t feature TORQ products exclusively of course, they will include recipes using other regular healthy foods too. We’re not looking to take over the world, we just know how beneficial a solid understanding of the timing and composition of one’s meals will affect physical performance and the TORQ SNAQ range has been developed with this firmly in mind.



A primary motivation for establishing the SNAQ range at TORQ has been to fulfil the needs of serious World Class competitive athletes who travel the globe to compete at the highest level. The SNAQ range provides an ever-expanding range of foods with standardised nutritional profiles to remove the guesswork many of these athletes have to contend with every time they travel.

This principle translates to any physically active person travelling either within the UK or globally to take part in events. Being able to create healthy optimised meals easily with full knowledge of the nutritional profile, where the only external ingredient required is a source of fresh water has huge value.

2:1 Any Time

TORQ’s 2:1 Any Time SNAQ meals have been developed alongside our long-standing Performance Nutrition range. Athletes and physically active people should aim to consume 20-25g of high quality protein 5-6 times per day to promote a positive NET protein balance and deliver the essential amino acids responsible for muscular remodelling and cellular adaptation.

Intermittent interval type activity, strength training or lighter endurance exercise will not deplete the body’s stored glycogen reserves as extensively as high intensity endurance activity. Our 2:1 SNAQ meals have been designed to satisfy an athlete or physically active person’s nutritional demands when carbohydrate replenishment is less important, whilst ensuring that a standardised 25g dose of high quality protein is delivered.

During periods of higher intensity back-to-back interval training, competition and high intensity endurance activity, consider using our 3:1 Recovery or 5:1 Carbo-Load SNAQ meals.

Available in two tasty vegetarian flavours, Smoked Tomato and Field Mushroom, supplied in convenient individual single-use pouches.

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3:1 Recovery

TORQ’s 3:1 SNAQ meals have been developed alongside our long-standing Performance Nutrition range. Formulated at the same 3:1 Carbohydrate:Protein ratio as the TORQ Recovery Drink, our 3:1 SNAQ meals offer a comprehensive, standardised approach to post-exercise nutrition and can be used in conjunction with, or independent of our recovery drink. Each 3:1 SNAQ meal provides 25 grams of high quality protein with all the essential amino acids responsible for muscular remodelling and cellular adaptation in the hours after exercise, along with a generous supply of carbohydrate, promoting the replenishment of liver and muscle glycogen enabling you to perform optimally, day on day.

Available in two exceptional vegetarian flavours, Smoked Tomato and Field Mushroom.

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5:1 Carbo-Load

TORQ’s 5:1 Carbo-Load SNAQ meals have been developed alongside our long-standing Performance Nutrition range. Formulated to deliver substantial quantities of carbohydrate (125g) along with a significant 25g serving of high quality protein, our 5:1 SNAQ meals offer a comprehensive nutritional intervention to enhance glycogen storage before long endurance rides, between heavy training sessions or as a final meal before a big event. As well as providing a rich carbohydrate content, our 5:1 SNAQ meals deliver all the essential amino acids necessary to promote a positive net protein balance to ensure protein supply outweighs breakdown, which is essential for muscle maintenance and recovery.

Available in two tantalising vegetarian flavours, Field Mushroom and Smoked Tomato.

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