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    Louise Haston

    Louise Haston was part of the para-cycling team that won Scotland’s first medal of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  She also has a number of titles and medals, from the Masters’ National Track Championships and the Scottish National Track Championships to her name. 

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    Melanie Sneddon

    Mel Sneddon is one of the two new TORQ Performance Track Team members for 2015. 

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    Herne Hill Omnium

    Jan Birkmyre talks about the first round of the National Series and about how getting older does not necessarily mean you have to accept you will be (much) slower…

    The 2015 National Omnium Series kicked off at Herne Hill last weekend and as always the first event is a revealing meeting, because it gives the first indications of who the form riders will be and there are always some new names that appear on the start list too. 

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    Race #1 for the 2015 Season

    Track cyclist Jan talks about riding her first Time Trial in five years and gives a tongue in cheek look at how she deals with a poor performance…

    It could be said that I have fairly lofty ambitions for this season. 

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    New Year’s Resolutions

    With her Winter training well under way, TORQ-fuelled track cyclist Jan Birkmyre tells us about her focus for the 2015 season…


    According to research, just 8% of us will keep our New Year’s resolutions, so I have avoided even the suggestion of failure by not making any … and I have to tell you, I really recommend it, it feels good!  I do however set goals for each season and ensuring I achieve them, will probably require just as much dedication as keeping my New Year’s resolutions, but I’m not going to dwell on that. 

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    World Masters Track Championships 2014

    Jan Birkmyre reports from a week of racing at the World Masters Track Championships, where 420 riders from 33 different nations set out to win the opportunity to wear the coveted rainbow stripes…


    It’s hard to believe that only four weeks have passed since my week at the World Masters Track Championships (which marked the end of my race season), as so much has happened in that time: I have done countless loads of laundry, been ill (and happily got well again), had a week’s holiday and almost caught up on the work that I thought I could do between races up in Manchester (when will I ever learn?). 

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    World Masters Team Pursuit

    I set out with the intention of finding a team that would take the title and set a new World Masters’ Record, which sounded straight forward enough…

    Most people who have watched team pursuiting will have seen only the very best in the world aplying their trade.  At this level, it tends to look incredibly smooth and even easy, but when watching pro-riders at the top level, one tends to underestimate the many hours of practice that go into such polished performances. 

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    National Track Champs 2014

    My final hurrah at this level of racing, as I get to ride with some of the very best female track cyclists in the world, in a race that has been good to me in the past. 

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    National Omnium Series Round 5

    The final round of the National Series took place at Palmer Park, with some great racing all across the five disciplines that make up an omnium. 

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    National Omnium Series Round 5

    The final round of the National Series took place at Palmer Park, with some great racing all across the five disciplines that make up an omnium. 

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    National Derny Champs

    If I am honest, I had hoped for medal of a different colour, but a medal is a medal and bronze this year means that I have won at least one Elite National medal in each of the 10 years that I have been racing at this level …

    So far the 2014 race season has been one of the hardest I have raced.  The competition has stepped up again – that much I expected – but the impact of the 2013 Derny Champs being held on the 29th of December on my Winter training and the effect this has had on my form has been harder to understand and seemingly impossible to undo. 

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    Reading GP 2014

    There are times when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and for me and Derny paced racing is the perfect example of this…

    Every year I get older and I am increasingly aware that my competition just gets stronger, but with Graham Bristow pacing me, I seem to be able to pull out performances that defy all the odds.