Cerist Triathlon

Last weekend I took part in the Cerist triathlon based in Machynlleth in Mid Wales. My target was to win or at least get a podium and I can confirm my mission was accomplished with a strong win. This is how I got on…

Straight onto my bike out of transition

This was the first time I had participated in this event so I was not sure what to expect in regards to the course. So before the start I drove the bike and run courses to gain some familiarity (I would always recommend this). I quickly realised that this course should really suit me, with an uphill bike on the way out and downhill bike back (against the wind). I also knew that a number of talented triathletes that had a slight run bias would be in attendance, so I realised I would have to make the relatively short 20k bike leg count.

The swim had an unusual but effective ‘first come first serve order’, in a 20m pool. I started about 2/3 the way through the field, so I knew there would be lots of people in front that I could chase down. I had a good steady swim recording a time of 5 minutes 23 seconds (2nd overall) including walking around poolside before I was allowed to run and get my bike.

I then grabbed my Limar aero helmet, number belt and new Limar photo-chromic sun glasses (great for changing light conditions) and got going on my bike. Straight away I gained two places before we even got onto the main road. The course goes straight through town (careful past the clock tower with cars turning), over the river Dyfi and then start climbing towards Corris. I quickly started passing more people with a steady sustained effort (moderated by my Powertap) averaging about 22mph uphill before I turned and hammered back into town (fastest overall bike split and over 2 ½ minutes quicker than 2nd place).

Running out of transition

The run was predominantly pavement with a slight incline on the out, so I just tried to keep a steady hard pace and chase people down. The sun (+25°C) was starting to take its but I dug in to finish as fast as possible.

Then it was a case of waiting for the results, I thought I had done ok, as I had controlled the race well. Whilst talking to some of the athletes I was told ‘I ought to win due to my bike being so good’; a good compliment to the TORQ sponsors but I’m not so sure about me!

Anyway I did win overall with over a 1½ minutes between second and myself. According to the event website, I also now have the course record. So another good day for TORQ!

Photograph c/o www.sportpicturesCymru.co.uk

With thanks to our sponsors that get so much attention at the races:

Delicious, natural and healthy nutrition: www.torqfitness.co.uk  
Frames – Merida: www.merida-bikes.com  
Cycle Shoes – Lake: www.lakecycling.co.uk  
Helmets – Limar: www.limarhelmets.com  
Glasses – Limar: www.limarhelmets.com  
Cables – Jagwire: www.jagwireusa.com  
Aerobars – USE: www.use1.com  
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Powermeters – Powertap: www.cycleops.com