Day 2: TORQ-EC

On Day 2 of the TORQ Enduro Challenge (in association with Bryton GPS), Lydia stormed from Cannock Chase in Staffordshire to Glossop in north Derbyshire and remarkably escaped the worst of the weather.

I dropped Lydia off at Cannock Chase slightly later than planned, because she had to plan for 2 days riding. Logistics and the fact that she was clearly covering more ground than we’d expected meant that I wouldn’t be able to support her on Day 2 and this concerned me, because the weather forecast was terrible. Fortunately, with a huge front moving up from the south, Lydia rode fast enough to avoid the rain until about 4pm, but from that point onwards she got drenched.

Here’s what Lydia had to say about her day’s riding:

“Today I covered 82 miles in 9.5 hours and although the weather was good for the first 6 hours, my rucksack was full to busting! A lot of it was energy product though, so at least my bag got lighter as I went along. The lanes and bridleways around Utoxeter were fast and I flew along and there was a wonderful decent into Hope. The hardest part by far (probably encouraged by the onset of fatigue) was going up Snake Pass in the closing stages of the day. I was so tired and wet that I actually descended down the main road into Glossop instead of using the scheduled off road path. In the spirit of the challenge though, I will cycle back t the top of Snake pass on Day 3 and ride the planned off road section. The weather looks terrible tomorrow morning, so I will probably start later and ride a shorter day”.

The trace above shows how Lydia’s progress was tracked across Staffordshire and Derbyshire yesterday. If you want to follow her progress today, click on the following link:

If you want to know what this challenge is all about, click on the following link:

The report for Day 5 of the challenge will be published this evening (internet connection permitting).

Many thanks to Bryton GPS for sponsoring the TORQ Enduro Challenge: