Easy As 123

We’ve redefined the TORQ Fuelling System to make it even easier to understand.

Whilst we use the TORQ Fuelling System to recommend 2-3 TORQ Units per hour to fuel optimal endurance performances, does this mean that you can’t use TORQ products if you don’t take your sport quite so seriously? Of course not. If you’re new to the ‘fuelling game’ or you’re looking for a nutritional product that can simply assist you on your endurance journey, TORQ will not only make this very easy for you, but there are some significant benefits you’ll get from using our Fuelling System products to help you achieve this.

Our EASY AS 1 2 3 concept helps to explain in greater detail how the TORQ Fuelling System can deliver differing hourly doses of carbohydrate depending on what you want to achieve from your exercise sessions.

1. If you’ve never really used energy and hydration products in a structured way before, start with just 1 TORQ Unit per hour. If you take the time to watch this comprehensive ‘Why Should I Fuel?’ video, we explain how there are performance benefits to be gained from consuming as little as 30 grams of carbohydrate (1 TORQ Unit) per hour. The message is that some carbohydrate is better than no carbohydrate!

If you’re a cyclist, watch this video:

YouTube video

If you’re a runner, watch this video:

YouTube video

If for instance you’re out for a trail run or mountain bike ride with friends at a relaxed and sociable pace, but you plan on being out for a prolonged period of time, regularly consuming a small dose of carbohydrate will help you to enjoy the experience and you won’t feel so drained after you’ve finished.

If you do choose to try 1 TORQ Unit per hour and find that you run out of energy towards the end of your exercise session, consider moving up to 2 TORQ Units per hour on the following occasion and see if this fixes the problem. You don’t just have to be a novice to consider consuming 1 TORQ Unit per hour either. You could be a serious athlete, but the exercise session you have planned is so low in intensity that either you require a much lower level of fuelling that you would if the intensity were to be higher.

2. If you’ve used energy products before and really want to notice a difference in your endurance performance, sticking diligently to 2 TORQ Units per hour will deliver some noticeable results. Again, the ‘Why Should I Fuel?’ video above illustrates how 2 TORQ Units per hour is beneficial over 1. Most energy products max-out at 60 grams of carbohydrate per hour because they use a single glucose energy source whereas TORQ is ticking over at just over 60% of its potential, which means that 2 TORQ Units per hour is absorbed quickly into the body and sits very easily on the stomach. 2 TORQ Units per hour is a comfortable and effective level of fuelling and represents our default position here at TORQ.

3. Consuming 90 grams of carbohydrate per hour is optimal. 3 TORQ Units (90g carbohydrate) per hour is a unique offering by TORQ, because if it wasn’t for our meticulously consistent approach to product formulation across our drinks, gels, bars and chews, this level of functional carbohydrate delivery just wouldn’t be possible. It’s at 3 TORQ Units per hour where the TORQ Fuelling System starts to deliver optimal performances. In the same way that a highly tuned sports car has to burn more fuel to deliver the performance the driver needs, if you want the best performances, the more fuel you can deliver to your muscles, the faster and further you will go.

If you’ve been training for that all important event or race, get your body used to using 3 TORQ Units per hour and reap the benefits. Again, the ‘Why Should I Fuel?’ video will help you to understand the performance benefits that 3 TORQ Units per hour brings.

Don’t forget that the TORQ Fuelling System has been designed to deliver your precise fuelling and hydration needs and the infographic below illustrates this principal cleanly and simply. In other words, if you’re sweating a lot, drink your TORQ Units and if you’re not, eat them!

For further information on the TORQ Fuelling System, visit our TORQ Fuelling System page by clicking HERE, or phone us on 0344 332 0852 and we would be happy to discuss it with you.