Horse TORQ

As unlikely as it may sound, TORQ has been flirting with the equine industry? No, we haven’t produced horse-sized energy gels, but we have addressed the energy needs of those riders at the top of their disciplines.

Pictured above is Richard Davison, the current GBR Dressage World Class Performance manager. As bizarre as it may seem that a dignified sport such as ‘Dressage’ may be associated with our energy products, Richard has found immense benefits from using TORQ products with his squad. It is a discipline requiring intense concentration and control, so hydration and blood sugar levels are critical to performance.

A more obvious equine discipline where TORQ products have recently found a firm footing is within Endurance Horse Riding. TORQ are the official nutrition sponsor to the Great British endurance teams and these riders have noticed substantial benefits by using a regular fuelling strategy. Endurance riders can be in the saddle for over 12 hours and eating in any form can be very hit and miss. These competitions often run over 2-3 days, so combating cumulative fatigue can also be quite a challenge. For riders not used to the benefits of Performance Nutrition, the turnaround in consistency of performance has been quite staggering.

Then of course there’s ‘Eventing’ which includes a subtle mix of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country. There’s a clear need to keep the riders fuelled mentally and physically during competition, but the top riders are also training intensively at all times in preparation for competition. Try riding (and wearing out) 6 horses a day on a regular basis without eating properly! TORQ products slip into eventers’ diets in a similar way to they would with any training athlete. The products help to combat cumulative fatigue and provide fuel and hydration to optimise the effectiveness of their riding providing benefits to them and their horses. Great Britain’s Piggy French and London 2012 Olympian Jonelle Richards (New Zealand) are a couple of the many high profile riders who have discovered the benefits of TORQ. 

To confirm TORQ’s relevance in the equine rider arena, TORQ have won the BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) Innovation award 2 years running. In 2011, our Rhubarb & Custard gel won and this year, our Natural Vanilla Pod energy took the prize. Obviously we’re not the only ones who think TORQ’s a good idea?

The TORQ homepage is currently undergoing a facelift and when it’s done, there’ll be a new section dedicated to sports people who are benefitting from TORQ from disciplines where there isn’t an obvious link. We’re dedicated to producing performance products for endurance athletes and we won’t be sidetracked, but the broad principles of performance nutrition mean that others can clearly benefit.