Lake 402 Shoes

Long before it became fashionable to talk about them, the TORQ Performance Track Cycling Team had been chasing marginal gains and one of their no compromise choices was to use Lake cycling shoes; now we’re going to tell you what makes them so special.

Almost 10 years ago, when Jan Birkmyre was flying the TORQ flag alone on the track, she approached Lake because it was clear they offered a shoe with performance benefits that significantly out-shone the competition.  

Designed for optimum performance, but without any compromise in comfort, Lake 402 cycling shoes have a number of stand-out features, the most unique probably being the mouldable carbon sole, which is also incredibly stiff. Lake have further enhanced the already rigid sole by adding extra layers of carbon to reinforce the area where the cleat is mounted and this means that every watt of power you put down though your legs goes into moving the bike forwards. Add to that the custom moulding which gives a perfect fit, enclosing the heel for stability – something that is particularly important as cadence increases – and it is clear why the Lake 402 is perfect for high performance riding.

Mel Sneddon has been wearing Lake 402 cycling shoes for just over a year now and, from the moment she put them on, she’s been raving about them; “The stiffness of the soles combined with the fact that you can mould them to your feet, are what makes them so special. The result is they fit like a glove and they are so stiff, noticeably more so than any other cycling shoes I’ve used, which means there is no wasted power – what’s not to love about that?”

The fit and overall feel is further enhanced by use of super supple, very hard wearing and breathable kangaroo leather for the upper and lining. Then there is a Boa lace system, which gives a perfectly uniform tension over the top of the foot. Track cyclists really tighten their shoes up when racing and traditionally they have chosen lace up shoes (worn without socks if you are a purist!), but the Lake 402 shoes bring us right up to date. As TORQ Track Team member Louise Haston (who admits to previously being a fan of lace up race shoes) told us, “The ratchet system is amazing; it is quick and easy to use and gives an even pressure over the top of the foot. It was a surprise to find these shoes actually fit me better than other cycling shoes I have used in the past and I like that I can really tighten them up for racing.”

It perhaps goes without saying that they are incredibly light as well, with a size 40 weighing just 546 grams. New 2016 TORQ Track Team member, Maddy Moore, who has only ever borrowed a pair in the past, is very keen to get her own; “I am really excited about getting my hands on a pair of Lake 402s” she told us, “I’ve heard such amazing things about them from my teammates”.

It is rare with cycling kit to find the highest performance delivered in conjunction with the very best comfort, but that is what you get with Lake 402 shoes. And that is why they are the choice of the TORQ Performance Track Cycling team, who won races at every level on the road and track in 2015, including numerous World Masters titles and records, an Elite national title, plus an Elite series win.

A big “Thank you” to Lake Cycling Shoes and all our sponsors this season; we couldn’t do it without you:

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