Look at that arse!

Last weekend saw the launch of the new format Premier Mountain Bike Series at Newnham Park, Plymouth. Congratulations to organiser Martyn Salt for sourcing some proper Mountain Biking courses this year. Newnham Park is a course of World Cup pedigree and 2004 sees a return to the trails at Margam Park, South Wales as well as the tough Drumlanrig venue in Scotland. Sherwood Pines is a bit flat, but hey, no one can say the Premier Series doesn’t have something for everyone. The National Championships is in Fort William – nuff said…

The Premier Series also saw the launch of Team TORQ bar, well a soft launch anyway (or should I say ‘Moist and Chewy’). Team TORQ bar this year consists of TORQ-tuned riders who are kitted-up in return for what I consider a truly splendid deal on TORQ nutritional products and complimentary tickets to SKY TV’s Masters Football, our co-sponsor’s events. This is our first year of running a team and manager Alex Amey is currently sourcing sponsorship for an elite crack squad spin-off next year, so that perhaps we can tempt some of the ‘already sponsored’ TORQ tuned riders in to flying the TORQ flag.

On that note, many thanks to the likes of Marcos Schier (www.fosca.com) and Mark Allen (Cadburys) for wearing our shorts and socks this year, all be it not the whole caboodle. We might be able to bully the Halfords boys Paul and Phil into wearing some Team TORQ bar arm and leg warmers every now and then, but not the TORQ socks, as Phil oddly took exception to them for some strange reason! They’re really comfy mate…

If you’re interested in riding for Team TORQ bar in 2005, please send your race CV to Alex Amey at aamey@manfinancial.com. The deal will include TORQ nutritional products, kit and race fees/expenses. Also, if you’re interested in sponsoring the team for 2005 and would like some high profile exposure on this website and at events around the country, once again, please get in contact with Alex ASAP.

Meanwhile, if you see us ‘Moist and Chewy’ riders out on the trail, don’t be surprised if you find yourself somehow compelled to stare at our arses, it’s to be expected and quite honestly, you’re only human!

Both pictures courtesy of professional photographer Jools – contact joolze@rapidplay.com