New TORQ BAR under development.

TORQ will shortly be launching a brand new nutritional product, developed specifically with cyclists/endurance athletes in mind.

The TORQ bar will be available in two flavours:

TORQ BAR 1 – Apricot

TORQ BAR 2 – Banana

Both bars will be from made entirely from natural ingredients, packed with carbohydrate and will contain 14 Vitamins and Minerals. The fat content of the bars will also be incredibly low at just under 2%. I know I’m bound to say that they taste great, but these are seriously moist, chewy, tasty bars – something that’s typically hard to achieve in a low fat, high carbohydrate product. Next time you have a tasty energy bar, check the fat content and then decide whether you should really be eating it.

TORQ BARS will only be available from TORQ-direct initially, with orders taken via the web or telephone. All major credit cards will be accepted.

I’ll keep you posted on the impending launch of TORQ BAR, but in the meantime, if you would like to receive information on TORQ BAR, drop us a line at and I’ll be in touch as soon as they’re ready.

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