Self Transcendence Relay

Three of our triathlon team got together and competed in a run relay race over the magically distance of 1mile. They would be against pure runners from various prominent running clubs in the South East. Could a bunch of triathletes compete against them? Nick details the race…


This was a first.  The first time myself, (Nick) Sam and Chris all joined together in our TORQ colours to tackle a race together.  We chose this popular relay race organised by Run & Become.  The race consisted of 3 one mile out and back loops. The action is always fast paced and gives a chance for some of the best running clubs in London to battle it out amongst each other.

Sam went off first and went off with a grin on his face and at a fantastic pace.  Coming round in 4th place and a time of 5.04 he seemed both exhilarated and exhausted.  Sam is used to longer stuff like Olympic distance and half Iron distance so to spring a 5.04 mile was pretty special. 

Next up was Chris who set off at what seemed like a somewhat more sedate pace (always the assured cool one!) and then pushed through towards the end recording an awesome 4.53.  This time was quick enough to put me into clear contention for finishing off the race and catching a podium spot.

I took the final leg and put everything into it from the word go, catching up Mohammed Ismail from Serpentine RC (the largest running club in London) after around 1,000 metres.  With 400 metres to go I then managed to catch up with first place (having recouped almost 100 metres in the process) only to fall back to 2nd when the last 100 approached.

Never mind.  I think 2nd place amongst some of the best runners in London is a pretty impressive result for a bunch of Lycra clad multi-sport boys.  All 3 of us managed to get amongst the top ten fastest times (ok, yours truly got the fastest mile time of the night in 4.36!) and most importantly we certainly won in the style stakes!

Full results below: 

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