Spinning with HR?

We thought this might be something you’d be interested in if you live in the busy metropolis.  TORQ have teamed-up Pedal Studio to get behind their venture.  Cycling indoors was for the purist with a high boredom threshold until indoor cycling classes such as ‘Spinning’ started to spring up in the mid 1990’s.  TORQ are huge advocates of these kinds of classes if they’re instructed properly.  It’s not quite as good as riding outside, but it comes a close 2nd…

According to Pedal Studio’s Andrew Clayton “In recent years indoor cycling has become one of the most popular classes at the local gym, promising to help you shed pounds in a fast, effective way.  More often than not, you come out of the gym sweating profusely thinking you have had a ‘hard’ workout, but with no real feedback. The con is over, and Heart Rate monitoring during spin sessions is here at last. 

Pedal Studio in Putney is pioneering the way, offering every rider free set up to the Suunto Heart Rate monitoring system.  It ensures that a controlled intensity class is delivered, and you can reach your fitness goals sooner than you think.  Each rider wears an individual, discrete monitor and is able to track their Heart Rate throughout the class, even receiving a workout feedback summary on email afterwards!  Exercising in this way keeps you to train in the correct ‘zones’ and is thus results focused.
To main Spinners’ motivation and focus on goals Riders are encouraged to join the Pedal Studio’s cycling and triathlon team ~ Pro Vo2. To maintain the correct hydration with a mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes riders use TORQ energy.  We think this is an ideal product to use for indoor sessions like these, because participants lose such large volumes of fluid and need to maintain hydration and energy levels.”

Andrew goes on to say ”Spinning®, a brand within the Star Trac sports equipment family, is the best cardio vascular workout you’ll ever get in less than one hour.  It is no longer about an instructor shouting at you with music on full & strobe lights flashing!  It is controlled, goal driven & results orientated.  All backed up with the evidence of the Heart Rate feedback, adding to the motivation to achieve your goals.  95% of our members say monitoring their Heart Rates improves their exercising experience!

Exercising in this way can help many areas of the body, particularly the respiratory system.  Maintaining your Heart Rate within various training ‘zones’ requires controlled breathing, subsequently facilitating the ability to reduce heart rate more quickly after exercise.  It takes a few weeks of regular training to see a marked improvement, but it is guaranteed & anyone can start at any level of fitness.  This technique can even be used to help control stress levels, which is particularly useful when living a busy London life!  This is no ordinary form of exercise.”

For more information on Pedal Studio, visit: www.pedalstudio.co.uk

For Pro VO2 cycling and tri club, visit: www.pedalstudio.co.uk/Provo2%20Club.html

For TORQ energy, visit: www.torqfitness.co.uk/acatalog/TORQ_energy_drinks.html