The People’s Triathlon

Ian decides to take an unconventional off-road stint on his Tri bike, but still manages to get another podium result for the team…

The People’s triathlon was a new event for 2012 and offered a great setting at Dearnford Lake, near Shropshire. As we entered the water it was apparent that there were a few athletes in contention to take the win. As the start horn sounded I found myself on the feet of a fast swimmer for the first 100m, but I couldn’t maintain his pace and decided to swim my own race. Over the 2 laps of the 750m swim course, I could monitor the progress of the lead canoe and the gap was growing. I got out of the water in 2nd place and sprinted into T1 with a view of closing the gap on the bike. Out of T1 was a long run to the mount line and then mounting along a grass verge and pedalling a fair distance to the main road on the grass (wasn’t the greatest way to treat my FFWD wheels).

Out onto the Dual carriageway for the 4-lap cycle and the roads were relatively quick. I worked hard, but was delayed a little at the roundabouts at each end of the course due to the Sunday morning traffic. As the laps came to an end it was evident that I wasn’t closing on the leader and he was holding pace, so with a speedy dismount into T2, I needed to have a really good run in order to close the gap on the leader.

The run was 2 laps out and back around the lake (on grass), so wasn’t going to be a quick time. Again, with the lap format I could see the leader on the run – he was able to run well and hold the gap. It was unlikely that I was going to catch over 5km, but I wanted to continue running hard for a podium finish; 2nd place for TORQ and our sponsors.

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