TORQ sponsors of Premier MTB Series

TORQ are the official energy sponsors for the 2005 Premier series…


All TREK 6-4-2 enduro entrants will receive a free TORQ bar as they sign-up. We will also be launching TORQ’s new naturally flavoured energy drinks as well as running the ever-popular neutral version. The deal with the TORQ energy is, you pay £5 for a full TORQ energy bottle and then you can re-fill as many times as you want for the entire series (4 rounds) – as long as you bring your bottle with you. Our ‘empty’ wide-mouthed bottles retail at £4 each anyway.

If you’ve got a TORQ energy bottle, we fill it up FOC – that’s the deal…

The Premier Series consists of 3 races in one weekend, National Points Series on Saturday, Short Track on Saturday evening and the Trek 6-4-2 Endurance Series on Sunday.

The National Points caters for all ages and ability of XC racer from Juvenile to Grand Veteran and Novice to Elite, each course is around 6 miles and the 2005 Series offers a diverse choice of venues and terrain from the World Cup venue of Newnham Park through to the fast undulating forest at Thetford. Short Track is 8 rider heats over a 2-lap 250metre course – great to watch and with an open category in 2005 more chance for everyone to take part. Trek 6-4-2 offers an opportunity for you to choose your challenge and race as a solo, pair or team for 6 hours or solo for four or two hours over an extended lap around 10 miles long. Trek 6-4-2 offers a more relaxed alternative to the NPS and together they form a great chance to have a full weekend of quality Mountain Bike racing – The Premier Mountain Bike Series.

New features for this years NPS Series includes the addition of a 5th round, a return to the NPS classic venue of Fforest Farm at Builth Wells (great campsite), an Open category offering cheap racing, E2 World Ranking Points for our Elite riders, free to enter Under 12 racing and the expected return of the infamous Pipeline descent at Round 1.


Plymouth Round 1
April 16 NPS + Short Track
April 17 Trek 6-4-2 Enduro

Builth Wells Round 2
May 14 NPS + Short Track
May 15 Trek 6-4-2 Enduro

Thetford Round 3
June 11 NPS + Short Track
June 12 Trek 6-4-2 Enduro


South Wales NPS Round 4
July 16 NPS only…

Sherwood Forest NPS round 5 and Trek 6-4-2 round 4
Aug 6 NPS 5 + Short Track
Aug 7 Trek 6-4-2 Enduro 4

Sponsors confirmed for 2005 include Trek, Bontrager, What Mountain Bike, TORQ, and Nike.

Entry forms and further details will be available from next week, or download a PDF from here:

NPS entry form

TREK 6-4-2 entry form

Matt Hart/Martyn Salt