1st home in ‘Iron Lemming’ and a 2nd place at ‘euro singlespeed champs’.

Despite having only recently linked up with TORQ, the much-improved Kirsty Wallis managed to storm home to second place in the recent Singlespeed European Championships

Here’s what she had to say:

“ It was a Le Mans start, but I couldn’t find my bike (would you believe it?), so I started from the back of the field and had to overtake everyone. They started the men and ladies together and surprised myself by overtaking 3 or 4 men at a time so that I could reach the other ladies, who were pretty spaced apart. At the half way point I was 19 places behind the 2nd rider and 26 places behind the leader. I overtook the 2nd placed rider at 3/4 round to finish 1 minute behind the leader! I was so amazed at how good I felt all the way round and I finished feeling like I had another lap in me…”

Jeremy Olsen’s continuing fine form propelled him home before everyone else in the recent Iron Lemming event in the South Downs. It wasn’t officially a race, but still it’s good to get back before everyone else eh Jeremy?

The report on the SAAB Saloman Mountain Mayhem is on it’s way, I’m just waiting for some comments off this year’s riders (hint hint – you know who you are!!!)

Below: Picture of Jeremy. This is not a sexist ploy, Kirsty is alas a little camera shy!