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    Happy Christmas

    The team at TORQ would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… 

    Our Christmas opening hours are as follows (product orders only). 

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    Spanish Training Camp 2010

    This is a very quick heads-up to let you know that the dates for the TORQ winter training camp are now fixed for Saturday 20th February to Saturday 27th February 2010…

    There will be more details to follow, but if you’d like all the documentation relating to this trip, please e-mail enquiries@torq.ltd.uk 

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    Some Things NEW

    Last week’s Cycle 2009 at Earls Court saw the launch of 2 brand new TORQ products. 

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    One of our generous sponsors, Sport-Torque are a new face in the cycle industry, but have been making much larger torque wrenches for years. 

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    Cheddar Gorgeous

    Team Manager Rob Barker and Super-Charged Tim Dunford give their accounts of a sunny weekend’s racing at Cheddar…

    A black and orange blanket was laid over the Somerset hills at the Kona Bikefest in Cheddar and as I have a fondness for his event, I was extremely happy with our set of results (4 first places). 

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    Enduro Goodness

    Mix fairy lights, add a splash of blue glow sticks, some banging tunes, a bridge to nowhere, a bit of duck or grouse, mix for around 12 hours, pour in liberal amounts of dust and a supschon of water, oh and not forgetting the most vital ingredient: 500 lycra clad mountain bikers and you have the makings of more fun than you can shake a stick at – TORQ in Your Sleep was in town and the party atmosphere was bubbling over. 

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    TORQ in Your Sleep

    With the summer season well and truly upon us the next installment for all you hardened enduro fans is the TORQ in your Sleep 12 hour. 

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    TORQ Rules

    Bontrager Twentyfour12 – TORQ Rules! 

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    Team TORQ’s Sponsors

    Just a few words of thanks to Team TORQ’s sponsors for 2009…

    New Team TORQ boss Rob Barker is on a mission to create the most dominant, consistent, respected and most importantly friendly team Mountain Biking has ever seen. 

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    Time Flies…

    Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana… that’s my favourite saying at the moment. 

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    Missing Mayhem

    As we’ve had quite a few enquiries from people either asking if we’re going to be at Mountain Mayhem this year or assuming that we’re going to be, we need to set the record straight…

    Unfortunately we won’t be there and we are concerned that you might be turning up assuming that you’ll be able to get hold of TORQ products. 

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    Terra Australis

    Just a very quick little article to tell you what I’m up to at the moment, because I reckon you still might have time to join me if you’re really organised?