Christmas Reading 2023

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To keep those brain cells stimulated over the festive period, again we put before you some educational reading.

We hope through education and nutrition, TORQ will very much be a part of your athletic successes in 2024. If you have any questions relating to the content of these publications, do drop us a line at our enquiries email and we’ll get back to you after 2nd January when the technical team are back in the New Year:

Fuelling Your Marathon Training: We explain the importance of consuming a diet rich in the right kinds of nutrients, the timing of the consumption of those nutrients and how to fuel your training sessions. All of this so that you hit the day of your marathon with the highest level of fitness and best possible form.

Fuelling Your Marathon: Fuelling the perfect marathon performance means considering your pre-event nutrition as well as taking the correct fuel sources on board at the right times during the marathon itself. We guide you through these areas, whilst also advising you on how to optimise your recovery once your mission is complete.

Essential Hydration Tips: Now that winter has arrived, the keener among us are increasing the amount of exercise we are doing indoors and with this comes higher sweat rates and the need to maintain our hydration.

Fuelling The 4x4x48 Event: TORQ’s Finance and Operations manager, Jack Gooding will be taking on the famous 4x4x48 Ultra Marathon Challenge in the name of charity on the 3rd March 2023. Here we learn more about Jack, his reasons for doing this epic challenge and we will be exploring his nutritional strategy to help any of you who might be doing this event too.

Artificial Sweeteners: We do not use artificial sweeteners in any of TORQ’s products – we have always been firmly opposed to their use. Recently the World Health Organisation made an official statement raising fresh concerns about their safety.

Sports Nutrition For Children & Teenagers: Here we consider adolescent nutrition and offer advice on how to correctly support aspiring youngsters through this rapidly changing time of physical and mental growth. Alongside this, we consider how they should fuel their much loved sporting activity.

Mountain Bike Marathon Fuelling: Earlier this year, TORQ partnered with Iron Sally Coaching to fuel and coach James Wilkinson, a former British Army Corporal who was injured in service in Afghanistan. Here we share his nutritional plan for the Dolomiti Superbike Mountain Bike Marathon with you – his training and event nutrition.

Once again, on behalf of all the staff here at TORQ, have a fantastic Christmas and New Year…