Christmas Lanzarote Training Camp

Lanzarote, hot all year round and only a 4-hour flight away from the UK, is a fantastic training location and perfect escape from the cold, wet winter weather at home in UK. I found a cheap and cheerful last minute deal so took the chance to enjoy a fun week training over there. Here are a few photos to enjoy and a quick blog about the trip.

Joining me was fellow gym goer James – a rugby boy / weight lifter – turned cyclist. Turns out he knew a lot about post training nutrition, but critically very little about nutrition during training. Despite passing on some words of wisdom that I’d previously been lucky enough to receive from TORQ’s Matt Hart on the fundamental principles of nutrition; namely, that if you take in 1g of carbs per 1kg of body weight per hour you can’t go far wrong. Jimbo, however decided he’d only need a banana, orange and 2 bottles of water for his first long ride! Needless to say, he bonked after 2 hours and it was a long way home! Like me, it seems he’s someone who has to learn the hard way!

After that first ride, he was all ears and proceeded to buy half of Probike’s (best bike shop in Lanzarote run by the fabulous Maria & ingenious mechanic Steve who always look after me so brilliantly when I visit) stock of TORQ. He most definitely needed it too as the next day he was to ride the legendary Lanzarote Ironman bike route that I enjoyed in the Ironman in May earlier this year! Happily I am pleased to conclude that the ride was a great success and we can now add Jimbo to the long list of TORQ lovers!

Torq-fuelled Emma Ruth Smith on the cover of a Spanish Magazine