Event Schedule 2009

As we are currently unable to edit the main ‘events’ section of our website, please see the list below detailing our whereabouts this year. If you would like to catch up with us at one of these events, we will of course be sampling our products and offering our usual 10% discount off web prices for goods purchased on the day…

March 2009

29th: Gorrick – Berkshire (www.gorrick.com)

April 2009

5th: NPS 1 – Sherwood Pines (www.xcracer.co.uk)
19th: Gorrick – Berkshire (www.gorrick.com)

May 2009

3rd: Gorrick 100 – Berkshire (www.gorrick.com)
10th: NPS 2 -Dalby Forest (www.xcracer.co.uk)
16-17th: Trail X – Plymouth – Devon (andrew@endurancelife.com)
24-25th: Grand Fondu Cymru – Wales (woodall@cwcom.ne)
30th: NPS 3 – Margam Park (www.xcracer.co.uk)
31st: British Marathon Champs (www.xcracer.co.uk)

June 2009

6-7th: Kona Bikefest – Bristol (www.paligapltd.co.uk)
7th: Test Valley Tour – Hampshire (www.gorrick.com)
14th: Marin Rough Ride – Wales (j@clogmaker.co.uk)
27th: NPS 4 – Berkshire (www.xcracer.co.uk)
28th: English Marathon Champs – Berkshire (trevor_patey@hotmail.com)

July 2009

11-12th: Slick & Knobbly – Herefordshire (joolzedymond@mac.com)
19th: Oswestry Triathlon – Shropshire (pam.rowland@practiceplan.co.uk)
25/26th: Twentyfour 12 – Devon (www.xcracer.co.uk)

August 2009

22nd: Big Bike Bash – Hampshire (BBBSteve@googlemail.com)
30th: TORQ in your sleep – Berkshire (www.gorrick.com)

September 2009

5-6th: Tatton Pk Tri – Cheshire (stevecollins@mytriathlon.co.uk)
12-13th: Trail X – Devon (andrew@endurancelife.com)
19-20th: Tatton Pk Tri – Cheshire (stevecollins@mytriathlon.co.uk)
26th: NPS 5 – Plymouth (www.xcracer.co.uk)

October 2009

3-4th: Dusk Till Dawn – Norfolk (www.thetfordmtb.co.uk)
8-11th: Cycle 2009 – Earls Court (www.cycle.co.uk)

December 2009

5-6th: Kona Mash-up – Wales (www.paligapltd.co.uk)

Some dates are yet to be clarified, so we will update you as we get confirmation