Floyd’s Weapon of Mass Destruction

Just a quickie! We thought it might be an appropriate time to brag about the 2006 Tour De France winner’s back wheel. Yes, this is a photo of Floyd Landis’ bike and yes he does use a Powertap SL hub


There’s a very good account of the day that Floyd made that tremendous comeback in the Alps with all his Powertap power figures to boot at www.cyclingnews.com

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UPDATE: Since this article was written, Team Phonak have announced that Floyd has indeed tested positive for high levels of testosterone from a sample taken on a later stage of the Tour. Further tests will determine whether this suggests he used a doping strategy or whether Floyd naturally produces high levels of testosterone. It wouldn’t be fair to comment either way at this stage. We only hope that justice is served. We will keep you posted. Irrespective of the result of the investigation, there’s one thing we can be sure of – a performance enhancing product like Powertap is guaranteed NEVER to appear on a WADF banned substances list, so please purchase it with confidence.