Jodie Swallow in Singapore

TORQ-fuelled Jodie Swallow gives an account of her recent comfortable win in Singapore.  This is the only blog I (Matt – Ed.) will get involved in as Jodie now has access to the TORQ website and will keep you posted directly from now on.  Expect an update every 2 weeks as Jodie strives for Olympic selection.  Over to Jodie.

So the season is’s a funny life being a pro triathlete.  This winter has been really focused and it’s funny to think that I haven’t even done any of the real work yet.  I guess it’s a case of investment banking and the bricks I have cemented over the cold months will sustain the higher end training I am now getting on with.

I began this year, as last, with the Aviva Singapore 70.3 race.  It was a great experience last year and my win gave me much confidence in my talent and training that sometimes it is easy to forget off the race field.  It’s also important to me to secure my qualification slot into Clearwater 70.3 Worlds as early as possible so that I can knuckle down into the speed training and come back to the longer stuff in October.

In the week out in Singapore the weather was a little sporadic to say the least!  In fact the day before it monsooned all day and I was hoping and praying the rain would last or at least clear some of the moisture in the air.  Alas, race day morning looked like it was going to be steaming.  By the run it was 34 degrees with 95% humidity.that is purely disgusting to do a half marathon in.

My swim was great aided by my now new best friend (my blue seventy 0.3) and I exited beside Craig Alexander (no less!) and a pack of 7 other men, at the head of the swim.  I had 3 mins on the second place girl – Caroline Steffan of Switzerland.

Caroline is a good athlete and placed 4th at Clearwater world champs last year – achieving one of the fastest bike splits just behind Julie Dibens. I however pulled one out and split faster than her:-a testament to the real hard stuff I have been doing in Lanzarote this winter.  Onto the run I felt fine:-for 7km – I kept the split and felt fairly light and steady (considering the 90Km!!) but then the heat hit.  It was immediate and felt like my lungs where trying to breath in heavier air.  My pulse rate was about 130 – I swear -my legs would not turn over and I felt like stopping.  On afterthought I realise that my aerobic ability is my strength and take this away (with heavier denser air) its always going to be a tough task. 

I wouldn’t want to do a race in weather like that ever again and I am annoyed it wasn’t a true test of where I, and especially my running, is at.  Steffan is a good athlete of course but I felt that going into that race I was in the best position to win it, she has been training in Thailand for a long while so I now know not to underestimate conditions and to leave myself time for extreme adaption if there is a probability of extreme conditions.    I hung on to second with the thought of prize money and rent in my mind and got my Clearwater spot and another podium in the bag.

On a positive note I used my Torq products for the first race since discovering them and they definitely gave me a ginseng kick on the bike.  I took four gels on the bike – one at 10km, one at 30, one at 60 and one at 80km. 

The past week has been varied.  I was a little unsettled after that run experience and so I am pleased to have done some really awesome sessions to prove to myself of where I am.  I have had a few inspiring moments throughout the week – I watched a re-run of London World series and Alistair Brownlee’s victory, I  have finished reading Serena William’s autobiography, watched Hoy and Pendleton win (again!) at the Worlds and I have finished series 7 of 24!!

A quote from Serena Williams I really like:-

‘Tell me “No” and I’ll show U I can! Tell me “No” because I can!   Tell me “No.” Go ahead, tell me.  Just tell me I can’t win.  Just tell me it’s out of reach.  Come on.  I’ll prove U wrong!  Just tell me “No” and watch what happens.’

People in elite sport all have their doubters.  There is always negativity surrounding talented, unique people and often it comes from a misunderstanding.  Serena spells out the answer here and I hope I follow her example whenever negativity may occur. ..For all you doubters out there!!!

Cool, Speak to you soon.