Join Sam’s Challenge & Support Our NHS

TORQ-Fuelled Pro Triathlete Sam Proctor has embarked on a 6 week challenge to support the NHS and we want YOU to be involved too!

Every Sunday, for the 6-weeks, Sam has challenged himself to cycle a minute for every NHS staff member’s meal that has been created at his local pub (The Victoria Inn, which is part of the Holkham Estate in Norfolk), the meals being paid for by charitable donations from people aware of his challenge. Sam said “At the beginning, when we started the project we estimated that each meal would cost around £2-3, depending on what it was. We are now achieving the meals on a charitable basis from food donations from our local suppliers. Our chefs are also volunteering their time, as they themselves have now been furloughed.”

Photograph of Sam: James Mitchell Photography

The 6-week challenge idea came from Sam’s coach, Mark Pearce of Intelligent Triathlon Training, who suggested Sam did a minimum of 10 hours cycling indoors per week and so the plan was then formulated – it would satisfy Sam’s training goals, yet he would raise money for the NHS at the same time.

By the end of this week, Sam will have been cycling for 4 weeks and this Bank Holiday Sunday 10th May, he will be performing a very special ‘Everest Challenge’ which we would love you to get involved with, in support of him and the NHS charities he is cycling for. There are 2 ways you can do this:

Join Sam: You can ride with Sam on Zwift to keep him company as he ascends the height of Everest on his bike. He starts at 8am and has set a gradient of 8.1% (the gradient of Alpe D’Huez), which will mean that he has to cover some 210Km. He expects this to take him about 10 hours, so you might not want to join him for the full duration! We explain below the mechanics of how to join him on Zwift on the first tab at the bottom of this page. If you join Sam, all we ask is that you make a £5 charitable donation to his Just Giving page in support of the NHS COVID-19 fund & The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn Charitable Fund. Or you can treat yourself to TORQ’s heavily discounted Charity Endurance Bundle and we will make the £5 donation for you. You can donate directly to Sam by clicking HERE and you can purchase the bundle by clicking HERE.

NHS Heroes Everest Ascent Event: You can ‘Pledge to Conquer’ one of the distances displayed in the the graphics below. Although Everest is a climbing challenge, we figured that if you live somewhere like Norfolk (as Sam does), finding a climb might create a bit of an issue, so our challenge is based on the distance Sam is going to cycle on Sunday. The event is open for 2 weeks from this Sunday 10th May and will finish on Sunday 24th May, when Sam’s personal 6-week challenge ends. All you need to do is cycle one of the distances and either pledge £5 to Sam’s Just Giving page in support of the NHS COVID-19 fund & The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn Charitable Fund. Or you can treat yourself to TORQ’s heavily discounted Charity Endurance Bundle and we will make the £5 donation for you. You can donate directly to Sam by clicking HERE and you can purchase the bundle by clicking HERE. You have 2 weeks to do this, so in the spirit of lockdown, you don’t have to do it all in one go, unless of course you can do so safely. It’s all for fun, so we will accept a cumulative total for 1 donation.

The challenge can be completed either inside or outside. Please be realistic and don’t take any risks. We have recently written a piece on how exercise can affect your immune system, both positively and negatively, so please give it a read if you are planning on pushing your boundaries. If you decide to rise to either challenge, this is what you need to do:

• Email us with the title ‘Everest’ at with your name and distance covered and we will publish your result on our website (on the results tab at the bottom of this page) along with others who have completed the challenge. Completing the challenge means covering any distance from 15km to 210km – in our eyes you’re a heroes if you take part and support this amazing cause. We will happily update your distance over the 2 week period if you get to add to your total – just email us with a clear update.

• Tell us on social media when you’ve completed your challenge, or part of it and include the distance you have travelled and a photograph or screenshot. Remember to tag us us at:

Twitter @TORQFitness

Instagram @TORQFitness

Facebook @TORQFitnessUK

Please include the hashtags #NHSEverestChallenge #TORQFuelled in your posts.

So, to summarise, either join Sam on Zwift* this Sunday 10th May and ride with him for part of his extreme journey, or complete your own ride(s) either this Sunday or over the next 2 weeks. Either way, please let us know how far you managed to get and please donate £5 to Sam’s Just Giving page in support of the NHS COVID-19 fund & The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn Charitable Fund. Or purchase our discounted Charity Endurance Bundle and we will donate for you.

If you’re not a cyclist, or don’t have a bike, worry not, because we have another ambassador embarking on a running challenge in the next couple of weeks – we’ll keep you posted.

Good luck and thank you!

Join Zwift

To join Sam on Zwift you will need to download the Zwift Companion app and follow Sam Proctor. Then go into Zwift as you normally would and select ‘Watopia’ under ‘World Choice’ and then under ‘Join a friend’ select ’Sam Proctor’ and then press ‘Ride’ and you will be dropped next to where he is riding at that time.


These unsettling & turbulent times will eventually pass. However, right now, across the world, the coronavirus has left many families in great difficulty, turmoil & crisis. Here, in the UK, it has been an uplifting welcome to see so many colourful rainbows in the windows of people’s homes, schools & shops. As only a few weeks ago (which now feels like months), when the pandemic began, hundreds of schools encouraged their pupils to put up paintings to “spread hope” after a trend started online. The BBC News shared how a spokesman for Grange First School in Newcastle said:

“We are hoping to spread our cheerful windows campaign as wide as possible.Rainbow signs are going up in windows all over our area and beyond and will really help maintain morale for children (and families) in these difficult times.”

So TORQ’s love of the variety that life offers, the colours this represents and a desire to help to lift the spirits & give something back to our incredible NHS staff is what has driven us to support Sam and get all of you involved.

This coming May Day Bank Holiday weekend has been brought forward, to mark the commemorative 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The change of dates was brought about so as, in the words of Britain’s previous Business Secretary Greg Clark:

“To ensure as many people as possible could have the opportunity to remember and honour our heroes of the Second World War and reflect on the sacrifices of a generation.”

Therefore, it also seemed fitting to run such an NHS fund raising event this Bank Holiday weekend, as it would provide not only an opportunity for us to remember our heroes from the past, but, as with every Thursday night’s #ClapForOurCarers, to honour the heroes of our present.

Sam's Journey

Sam has been completing his weekly ‘ride for meals’ on a Sunday over the last 3 weeks and lumping all the minutes together to make the challenge more formidable. Here is what he has achieved so far:

Week 1: 10.25 hrs. in the saddle // Distance covered 291Km // Number of meals prepared 625

Week 2: 10.09 hrs. in the saddle // Distance covered 328Km // Number of meals prepared 609

Week 3: 10.16 hrs. in the saddle // Distance covered 348Km // Number of meals prepared 616

On average he’s burning around 7200 calories per day! With regard to fuelling, this is what Sam says:

“At the moment I’m using 1 x 750ml with 3 scoops of TORQ Energy Drink per bottle an hour so around 10 bottles a day. I then add a TORQ Gel every 2 hours and make the rest up with real food at the moment. For the Everest ride I’ll be using the same amount of bottles but will drop real food and add 2 gels per hour as I’m aiming to ride at race intensity. Essentially I’ll be following the TORQ Fuelling System, which has supported me through many competitive events in the past”

Well, all we can say is that if you folk donate to Sam’s Just Giving page, he might have to split his hours between a Saturday and a Sunday after this weekend!

Joining Sam this Sunday, either with him on Zwift or spiritually through our challenge are many of the TORQ-Fuelled ambassadors and team athletes. Even 2 of our great downhillers Joe Smith and James Anderson (who are used to much shorter distances) have pledged to conquer the green zone (90km).

Inspirational Quotes

We thought we would gather some inspirational quotes to help keep you going at this difficult time – and to think about whilst you are supporting Sam and the NHS during this challenge.

First of all, we spoke to TORQ-Fuelled Kenton Cool (mountaineer/adventurer/speaker) who has summited Everest no fewer than 14 times and he obviously expresses some passion for the highest mountain in the world:

“Ever since I first visited the Himalayas I feel in love with the mountains and the people that live there.  My relationship with the Sherpa people is a deep and meaningful one, I’ve been lucky to have spent so much time and been taught so much by them. While the lofty mountains that tower above the villages have taught me humility and patience.  I return year after year not only to test myself against the mountains, but also to find a balance to life from the values of the people.” – Kenton Cool

“All mountaineers have at some stage dreamt about climbing Everest, so to do so for a ‘job’ is a dream come true.” – Kenton Cool

“Everest has an unbelievable pull, she maybe the highest mountain in the world but she is also a beautiful one.  For me to return to the mountain year after year, to explore her ever changing slopes and glaciers is nothing short of wonderful.” – Kenton Cool

And then of course there’s Sir Edmund Hillary who has spoken some truly inspirational words:

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things – to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.” ― Sir Edmund Hillary

Then, perhaps more in tune with the current coronavirus crisis we are going through at the moment, there are the words of the American author, political activist, and lecturer, Helen Keller, who is known around the world as a symbol of courage in the face of overwhelming adversity:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing…” – Helen Keller

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” – Helen Keller

Please look after yourselves and those around you at this difficult time and please join us, rise to this challenge and help to support our wonderful NHS.


We will keep this tab updated as your declarations come in. Event ends on Sunday 24th May.

Update: Apologises if you have tried to email us and have not been able to get it to us. We have just changed the email address you need to use to so please use this one.

Distance Covered (Km) Zone Colour
James Anderson 92.5 Green
Lee Barnfield 512 Indigo
Joanne Clay 359 Violet
Angie Davies 223 Violet
Matt Finders 666 Violet
Eilish Gilbert 267 Violet
Heulwen Gilbert 359 Violet
Joe Griffiths 900 Violet
Amelia Hart 37 Orange
John Hart 257 Violet
Matt Hart 234 Violet
Sasha Hart 74 Yellow
Marcus Holmes 334 Violet
Ian Parkes 210 Violet
SAM PROCTOR 310 Violet
Ffleur Roberts 150 Indigo
Anthony Roland 260 Violet
Richard Samuels 363 Violet
Joe Smith 100 Green
Hannah Welling 224 Violet
Paul Wilkes 220 Violet