Mont Ventoux

If there’s one mountain that strikes fear into the heart and soul of cyclists the world over, it’s Mont Ventoux, and while the ascent from Bédoin garners most of the limelight, delve a little deeper and you’ll find a certain serenity amidst its lunar landscape that may well be unexpected.

YouTube video

One of the most mythical mountains in cycling history, Mont Ventoux rarely disappoints. Let’s face it, you’re either met with hurricane winds that’ll do everything they can to blow you off its slopes or blistering heat that’ll give no mercy, making you gasp as the air starts to thin. A mountain of extreme, there never seems to be an in between with Ventoux and, in some respect, that’s the whole attraction. Take a moment to watch this video and share a little of this amazing  experience.

Start: Malaucène
Length: 21.4km
Summit: 1,912m
Elevation gain: 1,558m
Average gradient: 7.2%
Max gradient: 12%