Self Transcendence 5K

Nick just keeps on winning! His latest race was won in an impressive 15minutes and 52 seconds and he appears to have done this with ease.

Nick says “The Self Transcendence series of running races organised by ‘Run and Become’ chain of running shops always comes mid-way before resuming my duathlon season again in the Autumn.  They are a great opportunity for speedwork before proper business starts again. “Proper business” for me this year will be the World duathlon championships in Gijon, Spain in September.  For the first time I’ll be competing in the Sprint distance race (comprising a 5k run, 20k bike and 2.5k run).  Although shorter than the standard Olympic, it will be extremely intense. I will be spending the time between now and then trying to build both run speed and bike power and a local 5k race fits into this strategy pretty well. 

So, how did the race pan out?  Well, it probably wasn’t the most enthralling race to watch as I ended up leading from gun to tape and the only company I had for the last 3k was the lead bike!  At least it gave me the opportunity to try and catch it up.

I had thought I was going to find it more competitive as the field featured many top runners from some of the best clubs in London, but I guess I had a strong day.  I was convinced that my lead at 1km in, would soon be ended by a procession of faster guys coming through.  The first km was a fairly conservative 3.11, but my even pace seemed to work and I could no longer hear footfall at around 5 minutes in.  The rest of the race was about maintaining focus and putting in the odd spurt now and again to dissuade any attacks from behind.

With the final kilometre in sight I put the hammer down and came through in 15.52, a reasonable time given I had nobody to run with and the fairly hot weather.

Hoping for some tougher competition next time!

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