Simon Richardson MBE

I started cycling late in life in my late 30’s, I did not like sport when growing up. When my life settled down and I had more leisure time and took up cycling. As a club level rider, I was out training in 2001 when I was involved in an accident with a vehicle. At first doctors thought I had a broken leg, however 1 year on, they isolate a deeper problem with my back.

After a number of operations, I was clear to exercise again, however I was left with some lasting injuries. I could not put power through my left-side and because of this I was classed as a disabled athlete.

After working closely with a coach, I became an athlete for Great Britain and competed at the Beijing 2008 Paralympics, I was using a 6cm crank on left side so I could only power bike with right leg.

Jumping forward I was hit by a drunk driver in 2011 and left for dead at side of road. After 9 years of operations, I was given permission to race again and so in August 2020 I started training to race again for the 2021 session.

Major Results

Beijing 2008 Paralympics 1k gold // World record and Paralympics record
Beijing 2008 Paralympics 3k gold // World record and Paralympics record
Beijing 2008 Paralympics Road time trial silver medal
Beijing 2008 Paralympics Road race 10th
Viking Tour of Norway // Only cyclist to do it with power from one leg