If you’ve been following the goings on at TORQ over the last few weeks, you might have noticed a mention or two of the TORQ SNAQ Café or perhaps seen the hashtag #SNAQCafe – so what’s it all about?

Well, the SNAQ concept started a couple of years back when we created the TORQ SNAQ Bar – a healthy Fairtrade cold-pressed snack bar for physically active people. Its low fat credentials actually made rather a good energy bar, but as we have a highly competent TORQ Energy Bar in our product portfolio, that wasn’t the objective with the SNAQ Bar. It was designed purely and simply to be a healthy ‘indulgent’ snack bar that an athlete or physically active person could pick up to eat with a cup of tea or coffee instead of some of the less healthy choices that exist. We kept it very low fat, added a bit of protein and fortified the carbohydrate content to help re-stock the vital glycogen stores that get such a hammering when exercising regularly.

The SNAQ Bar has paved the way for the SNAQ range and the products currently available really are the tip of the iceberg. We launched our SNAQ Meals last week with 3:1 and 5:1 Carbohydrate:Protein varieties across 2 very natural flavour profiles (Smoked Tomato and Field Mushroom). Rather than go into detail here, this article talks in more detail about the launch:

New SNAQ Meals Launched

In the not too distant future, expect to see an expansion of our SNAQ Meal range with 1:1 and 2:1 ratio meals very close to production, as well as SNAQ Breakfasts. Keep popping back to our website to see what’s going on, because this range is evolving pretty quickly.

So that we can give our customers the opportunity to taste and experience our products and to understand the concept, we developed the SNAQ Café, a mobile ‘Snack Shack’ that we could take to events up and down the country to serve up our healthy functional food. We have designed our café to look and feel a bit rustic, whilst retaining a modern performance theme using our established SNAQ font.

Our first outing was to the HSBC National Mountain Bike Series at Sherwood Pines a couple of weeks back and we’ve just returned from the first MTB Marathon Series event in Builth Wells where we served up some 230 of our 5:1 Carbo-Load SNAQ meals as part of the Saturday night pre-event Pasta Party.

There should be plenty of opportunity to visit the SNAQ Cafe at various events this year, but if you don’t get a chance, or can’t wait, pop into our online store and pick yourselves up a few meals and bars to try.

Here’s a list of the events we’ll be attending this year with the SNAQ Café:

HSBC UK National XC Series: North Yorkshire (21st-22nd April)

Kawasaki Gorrick 100: Berkshire (6th May)

HSBC UK National XC Series: Scotland (12-13 May)

MTB Marathon Series: Oxfordshire (27th-28th May)

HSBC UK National XC Series: Suffolk (9th-10th June)

MTB Marathon Series: Somerset (30th June – 1st July)

Continental Thunder Run: Derbyshire (21st-22nd July)

Pivot TwentyFour12: Devon (28th-29th July)

HSBC UK National XC Series: Wales (4th-5th August)

MTB Marathon Series: Derbyshire (1st-2nd September)

See you at one of these events soon hopefully…