There are a few additional supplements that we’d like to mention here to help you on your way to ultra-endurance success. As you will have gathered, fuelling your training and event isn’t rocket science, you just need to stick to the solid principles outlined and work with them. There are however three supplementary nutrients you might want to consider using:

Caffeine: We have already discussed this, but there is an enormous amount of evidence supporting the benefits of caffeine ingestion on sporting performance. The effects are often more pronounced after a period of abstinence, so backing off on the tea, coffee and other caffeinated beverages for the weeks leading up to the event and reintroducing it moderately during your race should prove beneficial, specifically during the night when staying awake and lively is of paramount importance. To view our range of naturally caffeinated (with guarana) gels, click HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.

HMB: Otherwise known as Beta-Hydroxy-Methylbeutyrate. It’s a metabolite of an amino acid called leucine. Its naturally occurring within the body and is implicated in muscle and strength gain as well as protecting your muscles from being eaten or ‘catabolised’. It’s one of those supplements that works in the background rather like a super-protein assisting in building and protecting your hard-earned muscle fibres. Certainly a good one to take during the training build-up, but not advisable during the event itself. For more information on HMB, click HERE.

Ribose: Ribose is a 5-carbon sugar and once again your body manufacturers it in very small quantities, this time from glucose. Ribose possesses a number of qualities including hastening post-exercise recovery (which is why we use it in our recovery drinks at TORQ), but with regard to the ultra-endurance event itself, although the mechanisms are unclear, it also assists in preventing muscular cramping. We advise adding 3-5g of ribose to each 750ml drinks bottle during the event. This should not only stave-off cramping, but will also assist in a process we call ‘recovery on the hoof’ whereby doses or ribose taken earlier in the event will help combat fatigue in the muscles towards the closing stages of the race. We will be adding TORQ Ribose to Mark’s drinks.

We really hope that you’ve found this article interesting and informative and a valuable resource to help you in your preparation for 24-hour racing, you crazy people!

For further advice on this topic or any fitness or nutritional queries, please don’t hesitate in getting in contact with us. We are happy to discuss your own situation over the phone/email on 0344 332 0852 // or you could book in for Fitness Consultancy if you would like to formulate a bespoke plan like Mark’s.