The Running Show 10k

Nick our superfast triathlete is also a very talented runner, recently finishing 5th in a field of 14,000 at the Amsterdam half marathon. Injecting a bit of fun into the off season, he attended the annual running show at Sandown Park and competed in the 10k race coming in second with a 32min effort…

Continuing the theme of my off-season running races, I made a trip to Sandown Park horse racing course at the end of November to run a 10k organised by the same organisation that runs the highly popular annual triathlon show at the same venue.  I’ve competed in this 10k over the years as part of the tri show, so am familiar with the layout.

Despite this familiarity, with the 2 lap hilly and technical course I was nervous before the start wondering who my competitors would be. In the past this event has attracted elite GB triathletes and numerous professional Ironmen and Ironwomen, but a quick glance around at the start seemed to reveal no faces (or lycra!) from the world of tri, so perhaps I’d be in for an easy run. Think again!

Almost as soon as the gun went a firm group of 3 (Paulo Natali, Ross Macdonald and myself) bridged a gap on the rest of the field and I considered that I was in a strong position to put in an attack sometime during the final lap.Paulo Natali had other plans though and at 4k launched a decisive attack that I couldn’t respond to. I decided to maintain my pace whilst slowly pulling away from Ross in third. The gap between the 3 of us slowly grew so by the time the 10k was finished Paulo finished 1st in 32.05, myself 2nd in 32.53 and Ross 3rd in 33.27.

Overall I was pleased with my position and later discovered that I was beaten by an Italian track star with a 14.19 PB for 5k as well as a 3.47 1,500 metres time! This race always seems to get the best athletes out!

All pro snaps by Jolekha Shasha

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