The TORQ Strap-it

The TORQ Strap is an extra long, extra broad & robust double sided velcro strap which we developed initially as an accessory to provide a 100% guaranteed secure solution for transporting TORQ’s re-sealable powder pouches.

We developed the TORQ Strap because supplying our powders in pouches allowed us to use significantly less packaging than was used in the tubs we used to have and although the zip seal is powder-specific and provides a strong airtight secure barrier to moisture and foreign bodies, in transport there is no absolute assurance that the zipper will remain closed if the sack is impacted.

The following 3 diagrams demonstrate how the TORQ strap can be used to secure one of our pouches in transit, providing you with the confidence that when you open your kit bag at the end of your journey, your powder will be safely within your pouch and not blended into your clothing and personal items!

The unique use of double sided velcro allows the strap to be tightened securely to any diameter, so it will bind your pouch firmly together irrespective of the amount of powder that’s left inside it. All you need to do is expel all the air from your pouch, roll over the top where the zipper is featured and apply the strap as demonstrated

The fastening is so tight on the TORQ Strap that failure of the strap under these conditions is literally impossible. The mechanism of tightening is also very straight forward and the TORQ Strap can be cranked up to high levels of tension very easily.

We realised that the TORQ Strap would have other uses too, but we weren’t quite sure how many there would be until we launched it! We now have customers using the TORQ Strap in all sorts of different situations – so many that we have started a gallery:

Here’s a few Examples to get you going:

To hold your spare innertube.

To hold a glow stick on those 12 or 24 hour Marathon adventures.

To hold wheels in place when transporting your steed.

To hold your helmet in place whilst not on the bike.

We also thought that instead of us showing you some of the 100’s of uses for the TORQ Strap, we thought it would be great fun to get you involved and for you to show us what you’re up to with your TORQ Straps!

Therefore we are now giving away a Free TORQ Strap with every purchase of TORQ Energy products (over £30) and we’d like you to get out there with your camera, take a picture of your TORQ Strap doing it’s job and Tweet it to @TORQfitness or email in to

Then every month between now and 1st December 2015, we will choose who’s picture shows us the best, most fun & ingenious way of using a TORQ Strap and that person will win 10 TORQ Straps to really go to town with!

We feel the TORQ Strap will really help and possibly revolutionise your everyday life – so, why not get hold of one and show us how inventive you can be!

If you would like any further information on this product or anything else in the TORQ range, please don’t hesitate in contacting us on 0844 332 0852 or e-mail us at