Luxury Gift Pack

What do you get an athlete at Christmas who has everything? Ahead of the official launch of TORQ’s Premium Fuelling System Pack, we’re making them available for Christmas, so that you can get something for that special athlete in your life that will put a huge smile on their face on the big day. We’ll even gift wrap it for you. 

The Premium Fuelling System Pack is all contained neatly within a:

  • TORQ Travel Canister: Made from a single pellet of aluminium and is 100% recyclable at the end of it’s useful life. Made to carry TORQ’s Energy & Recovery powders with a screw cap to made to eliminate any risk of product leakage even in the most challenging of ‘travel’ conditions. It’s also been designed to look equally elegant in the kitchen or any other non travel environment too, so we’ll let you decided exactly how you want to use it. Individual item retail price £11.99

Within the elegant canister, you will find:

  • The TORQ branded Camelbak Podium Bottle 610ml: Camelbak are world known for the quality, usability and robustness of their bottles and they don’t just produce for anyone! TORQ have their very own branded Camelbak Podium bottle in the great 610ml size, which includes a printed mark at the 500ml point to enable the bottle to work seamlessly with the TORQ Fuelling System. Fill the Podium bottle to the 500ml marker, add 2 level scoops of TORQ Energy and theres still plently of room to enable you to shake and have the powder dessolve effortlessly, providing you with exacltly 30gms of TORQ Natural Energy. Individual item retail price £9.99
  • 3 X TORQ Natural Energy Single Serves: TORQ Energy is a naturally flavoured, high carbohydrate energy drink with all 5 key electrolytes, containing no artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Individual items retail price £4.35
  • 3 X TORQ Gel: The TORQ range of Naturally flavoured, lightly textured gels with no colours or artificial sweeteners all offer an optimal carbohydrate blend of Maltodextrin:Fructose 2:1 with all 5 key electrolytes. Individual items retail price £4.35
  • 3 X TORQ Bar: The TORQ Bar has been formulated to produce a food that is ultra high in carbohydrate, very low in fat and with ingredients wide-ranging in glycemic index for immediate and sustained glucose release during excercise. You will get one organic bar and two that are certified by the Fairtrade Foundation. Individual items retail price £4.55
  • The TORQ Strap: The TORQ Strap has been designed to secure a TORQ energy or TORQ recovery 1.5kg pouch so that it can be transported anywhere without risk of spillage, however we have managed to find 100’s of uses for them here at TORQ and we’re going to publish them on our website soon. How will you use yours?  Individual item retail price £3.99

If you combine the retail prices of all the items included in the TORQ Premium Fuelling System Pack, the bundle works out at over £39, but as a special promotion and because it’s Christmas, you can purchase the bundle for £29.99 including post and packing. Furthermore, if you want 4 of these bundles, we will send them to you postage free for £99.

We can also gift wrap these in black TORQ tissue paper and orange ribbon for an additional £1, but of course that’s enrirely up to you.

Please note that this offer is not available on the website through our online store, so all orders must be placed by phoning our main orderline number: 0844 332 0852

Happy Christmas