TORQ Hypotonic Education

With the launch of our new Watermelon flavoured Hypotonic drink this year, we’ve put together a short 60-second video to help explain why our 2:1 Glucose Derivatives:Fructose Hypotonic drink formulation will hydrate you faster and more comprehensively than water or a carbohydrate-free Electrolyte Tablet. Take a look at this short video to learn more:

YouTube video

The key points to note are that whilst the body is capable of passively absorbing water through the intestinal wall via osmosis, a small amount of glucose locks into SGLUT1 (a transporter/facilitator in the gut wall) with 2 sodium molecules and together they pump water into the blood through a facilitated process. For ever glucose molecule (and 2 sodium molecules) 260 water molecules are pumped through the gut wall.

TORQ Hypotonic is sold in a handy container containing 6 Hypotonic sticks, each making 500ml of product. The soft, light and subtle flavours include Watermelon, Lemon and Tangerine.

For further information and full technical detail, visit our TORQ Hypotonic product page.