Performance Products

We have developed a comprehensive range of heavily-researched, cutting-edge, naturally-formulated performance nutrition products for consumption during and immediately after exercise as well as an ever-expanding range of nutritious healthy snack foods and meals that have been optimised to support the lifestyle of athletes and physically active people…


The TORQ Fuelling System makes it incredibly easy to fuel athletic performances, click here to find out how to use it.


The TORQ Recovery System is a progressive, 4 phase scheme, focussed on optimising all aspects of post exercise recovery and adaptation. Click here to find out how it can help you.

Explore Products

TORQ Explore Flapjacks and Breakfasts are a range of great tasting, nutritionally balanced, vegan or vegetarian friendly products intended to fuel your adventurous pursuits. Click here to discover more.

SNAQ Products

TORQ developed SNAQ to provide a variety of expertly balanced meals and snacks which address the dietary needs of athletes and physically active people. Click here to discover more.

Diabetes Products

TORQ have joined forces with GlucoRx to produce a 15g fast-acting carbohydrate gel based on TORQ’s unique formulation. TORQ also have a range of high protein, low carbohydrate foods, suitable for people with diabetes.

TORQ Singles

If you would like to sample our nutrition products before committing to a full box or more at a discount, simply add individual items to your basket and pay the SRP for the product and as with all purchases from our website, you won’t have to pay postage.

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    TORQ Singles

Other TORQ Products

Manufactured to the highest standards. TORQ performance accessories are used by our team riders in the toughest of conditions. Click here to discover more.

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