125km, 8000m

Transgrancanaria is a race Chris fancied having a look at since watching some coverage last year; the scenery looked amazing, the weather was warm and it looked like a good day out.

So back in January Chris completed the medical forms and signed up for the race, put it to the back of his mind and concentrated on his next block of marathon training – until the middle of February when he started to check out the course profile and times:

Chris – I saw this was slightly more challenging than I’d realised; if I’m honest, I hadn’t given the distance or elevation any thought! At 125km and 8,000m of climbing, bang in the middle of marathon training when I’m trying to get these little legs of mine to move a bit quicker is probably not the best preparation. Throw in the fact that living in the middle of England I’m a bit of a ‘flatlander’, doing all my training on flat tarmac at this time of year, most would say that’s not the best way to build up for the event. However, I felt a time of 18hrs and 29 mins and in 69th place was a very fair performance considering my lack of specific training. 

A total of 32 TORQ gels were consumed and – along with my Exposure Verso Headtorch and compression kit from Zero Point – made the trip to this iconic race all the easier!

Read Chris’s Blog HERE for the full race rundown

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