15% VAT

Further to the recent changes in VAT announced by the government last week, we are pleased to confirm that the 15% VAT rate has now been applied to our web store. Many of our products are zero-rated as food, so have been unaffected by the change, but a number of goods have been…

If you are a regular visitor to our website, you will have noticed that the prices of our goods and services have remained unchanged for quite some time (many years). Our flagship product TORQ bar has always retailed at £1.25 per bar and despite unprecedented rises in food ingredient costs over the last 6 months, we have resisted putting our prices up for as long as we possibly could. However, these increases have been so significant that we have had no option but to increase the retail price of this product. We planned for the new price to be £1.39 per bar, but have arrived at £1.35 per bar as a SRP based on the new 15% VAT treatment. A box of bars purchased on this website offers a saving of £0.11 on the individual bar price, a 2-box purchase will save you £0.21 per bar and our 4 box deal works out at £1 per bar (£0.39 saving per bar).

The rises in ingredients prices has had an affect on all of our other products too, but we have chosen to absorb these costs on the rest of our range the current time. The TORQ bar is our most established product and therefore top of the list for a re-rating and unfortunately the implementation of the new VAT code has lead us to re-address our pricing at this time. Once again however, please take note of our extremely good value bulk purchase deals, which still represent excellent value for money.

Please be assured that as and when there is a deflation in UK food prices (which looks highly possible) and our suppliers pass this onto us, we will adjust our pricing accordingly.

Thank You, we do appreciate your custom.