A Difficult Derny

Maddy Moore came tantalisingly close to winning at the National Derny Championships and then disaster struck…

Maddy’s first National Derny Championships didn’t have the most auspicious lead up, as she suffered from food poisoning for the whole day before. Apparently, TORQ Lemon Energy drink was her saviour, as it was the only thing she could face. So it was an exclusively TORQ-fuelled Maddy who took to the boards in the Olympic velodrome and cruised through to the final. 

In the final, Neah Evans went off like a bullet from the gun and Tim Read (Maddy’s derny pacer) went in hot pursuit – with Maddy clinging to his wheel. Finally they caught the lead rider and even managed to get clear. Alas, with the possibility of a jersey in sight, a momentary lapse in concentration saw Maddy clip the back mudguard of the derny, which resulted in a high speed crash. 

The race was neutralised so Maddy had the chance to get back in with her half lap lead & then resumed. However, disaster struck again, as Tim’s derny broke down! In the end, Maddy came 7th but felt justifiably proud of how she rode (except for the crash!).

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