A win for Steve Price.

A fantastic result achieved by TORQ-tuned Steve Price this weekend in the Brighton round of the London Cyclocross League. At last he secured victory in a series where 1st place has thus far eluded him. Here’s what he had to say:

“Bloody excellent, finally the win that I have trained so hard for. Not the strongest of fields but the winning habit needs to start somewhere, the conditions were atrocious but I’m confident that my strength in the mud and my fast running legs kept me strong to the end. A quick note that I have been using a ribose dose after every interval session and I feel it has helped me recover and get through the working day and be ready for the next days heavy training load, which is particularly tough as I’m doing all my training this time of year in the gym (6.30 in the morning).”

Excellent plug for ribose there Steve – sounds like one of those sickening advertorials you get on cable TV (cheesy smile and glint of white teeth etc etc)!

Words by Matt Hart/Steve Price